Magnetic Energy Generator-Shocking Reveal About Free Energy Source For Home

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Most of the readers will be unfamiliar with the word magnetic generator. You might have come across a wide variety of generators but not this one. That’s because the corporate giants have suppressed it from the markets for the fear that people will start generating their own energy in their houses. Creating your own electricity? Is that possible? Read on and find out.

To start with, a magnetic generator is a device which does not need any kind of external power source for its running. It’s completely independent and self sufficient, capable of churning out energy day and night. The working principle involves the usage of the attractive and repulsive forces of a magnet to turn a fly wheel. The fly wheel is mounted within a magnetic field so that the mechanical energy generated by its rotation is converted to electrical energy.

The advantage of a magnetic generator is that it is 100% eco friendly since it does not produce any kind of pollutants which cause harm to the atmosphere. Neither does it require any non renewable energy source for its functioning. It is compact and requires only a small room. Once switched on it keeps producing all the electricity you need for your entire house or office.

The magnetic generator has a very long life span since it contains very few movable parts. Once it is switched on, it will keep producing electricity continuously. Some experts say that the life span of a magnetic generator is 400 years. Astonished? Well you should be!

Even this limitation to the life span is because the magnetic forces start diminishing as years pass by. Else you could have had a generator capable of producing electricity forever without any glitch.

You can easily make your own magnetic generator at home. This can be done with the help of the various DIY guides available in the net. They provide the reader with simple techniques regarding the setting up of the generator. Any person with some basic knowledge about magnetism and electricity can easily do it. Just a bit of hard work and determination and the technical know-how is all that is needed to construct your own magnetic generator.

Let us take a look at the steps involved in building perpetual motion machines here.

1. First of all you will need to create a wheel which is capable of spinning on a tilting axis. Magnets then need to be fixed around the circumference of the wheel. 
2. You then need to similarly build another wheel with magnets on its circumference. 
3. You will need to keep the wheels in such a manner that the same polarities of the magnets face each other. 
4. This will create a perpetual motion of the wheels, which can be in turn used for generating electricity.

Just in case you feel that you need a bit of help building one, you can always refer a manual on the topic.The principle involved in the working of perpetual motion machines is quite simple to understand, as you can see from above. The repulsive force that is generated due to same polarities of magnets facing each other produces a force which is then converted into energy.

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