Be Aware! Light Does Not Always Mean Dietary

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Less sugar and fat
The food sign „light” inform us that this should be a lower energetic value product – the value should be 30% lower than the normal product have. Usually this energy lose is caused by lowering the value of fat or sugar.

The truth is, that many times even products not really light has the sign “light”. Many kind of food could have it’s “light” version – e.g. milk product, mayonnaise, dressings, cheese, chocolates, ice creams, jams, different drinks, sweets, cookies and many others.

Does light also mean healthier, or not?
Many people thinks, that if they’ll eat lot of “light” food, they will be automatically healthier and lose on weight. But it’s not true. For example, the nature fat in the light milk products are used to be replaced by many cultured additives. Probably all of us know that the cultured additives doesn’t have to be healthy for us. Because of that is not everything “light” also healthy.

Food,with a lower sugar content or labeled assugar free, you also deserve closer examination. Have you ever think about, how is possible, that a “sugar free” food is so sweet? Sugar is usually replaced by artificial sweeteners. Those in larger quantities may have a negative impact on health, so it is good to read carefully the “sugar free” food information.

Ready-made for loosing weight?
Well, not quite so. Although it is true that if you regularly eat “light” yogurt instead of creamy yogurt, you’ll lose weight faster. But people often think, that if they eat “light” products, they can also eat more without gaining weight. This is one of the main dangers oflight products. This is the common reason that you are gaining weight instead of lose.

Let’s get clever diet
It’s not enought to have a freezer full of “light” products to get fit. Buy food wisely and don’t believe sign such as “light” or “slim”. Manufactures often tries to convince you to buy they’r products using these signs and promising you that you’ll get fit just consuming them. Don’t believe all those tricks, rather read the product information carefully.

Personally, I think that sometimes is better to eat a smaller piece of a quality chocolate, than eat a full “light” one that will never taste as a real chocolate 🙂

What do you think about it? Share your own opinion and experience giving a comment.


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