How To Fix Xbox 360 3 Red Lights

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First red ring..Second red ring..third red ring, then your xbox will turn off and malfunction. This is what claimed to be Xbox 360 red ring of death.Those 3 flashing red light had caused a lot of headaches to Xbox gamers around the world. Expert estimated that the red ring of death will hit 33% of Xbox console, that would be 1 out of 3 consoles. This is a high number of possibility that your Xbox 360 will strike the red ring of death.

Why The Red Ring Of Death Happen?

The 3 Red Ring of Death occur mainly due to console over-heating however that not the full picture.We need to go into production process to get to the heart of the problem.

Research by expert show that it is in fact an engineering flaw in the constriction of the xbox360. At the core of the Xbox 360 problem are the two computer chip, central processing unit (CPU) and graphic processing unit (GPU).

So, what caused the 3 red light error happen? Actually the error happen, when the Central Processing unit (CPU) or graphic processing unit (GPU) not able have electrical connect to the motherboard. So when you play on your Xbox for too long, it doesn’t allow for coiling ventilation, the solder connection heats up then become soft and often times will then crack or pull apart.When this happen the 3 red light will appear.

Anyway to avoid The Red Ring of Death?

As know the 3 red light happen due to overheating, so you need to keep your Xbox console in the cool condition always.How you can do it?You can store your Xbox console in a cool place with lot of space for air-flow.Another suggestion is purchasing and install a cooling fan on your console. They cost around $25 and very effective way to keep your console cool.

Most easy way once you are locked with the 3 red lights problem in your Xbox 360, simply switch the Xbox off and keep the console in a cool place for 1 hour or so.Unfortunately, this method will not allow you to play for nearly 2 hours! Because you cannot stop playing after the Xbox 360 gets heated up, and then plays again once it is cooled.

This not a permanent fix method in this case. Advice to not follow it. By the way, not all Xbox 360 can be cleared up by this method.

Any Other Alternative ways to fix Xbox 360 Read Ring Of Death?

Well, the most common way to fix it, is to send your console back to factory to get it fix then send it back to your home.But the duration will take 4-6 weeks before you get your console back.This method obviously applicable only if your Xbox 360 is within your warranty period.If you don’t have a warranty, they will still fix it, but it will cost you money. 

Beside having to wait for so long, you might not able to get your original part back.Chances are they will send you a refurbishes Xbox console part. You also have risk to lose some part during shipment.So, most of the gamers don’s choose this kind of repair method as involve money and long time duration. 

Xbox 360 Repair Tips That You Should Avoid

A few blogger and forums recommend “The Towel Trick Method” this is a dangerous repair method that your should avoid. This method teach you to wrapping a hot towel around your Xbox 360 console will fix the over heating problem. Let think it this way. The Xbox 360 cost Microsoft billions of dollars to develop it. Do you really think that wrapping the console in a bath towel will fix it? Wrapping towels around your Xbox 360 will make the console even hotter. You have risk to set your Xbox 360 on fire by doing this than fixing it.

One dangerous “fix” recommended by some blogs is to solder bad connections in your Xbox 360. A professional Xbox repair guide does not and will not advocate the use of this solder method. Soldering of high tech electronic equipment is not like soldering a radio or TV. Original solders are created in dust-free labs and are checked with X-ray equipment retailing at $34,995. Do not attempt to re-solder your Xbox or you will damage it and void your warranty.

On the other hand, we have found some repair guides that advise you to put your Xbox 360 in the freezer. Okay, this is a very bad idea. You run the risk of damaging your console beyond repair. This is also another bad repair method that you should definitely avoid.

So, you need to clear what you are doing by don’t simply fall for these crazy repair techniques mentioned above. Once you damage your Xbox 360 prior repair, you will have no choice but spent $200-$499 to purchased another brand new console.

Recommeded Methods to Get Your Xbox360 Fixed

The best, easiest and cheap way to fix your broken Xbox 360 is to DIY (do it yourself). You actually can fix your Xbox360 within 2 hours times with the right repair guide. Compare with 4-6 weeks by send back to factory, this definitely save a lot of times. You not need to be a tech geek in order to get your Xbox360 fixed, average person is more capable of getting the job done. 

If you can open a soda can, yon can fix your Xbox 360 red light.Once you learn how to repair your Xbox360, you can apply those skill to help your friend to fix the console too. You also can doing it kind of part time and make decent money from it.

You do have to be careful, you don’t just blindly following any repair guide in the internet forum or guides. Here is the most recommended Xbox 360 3 Red Light Repair Guides for you.


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