How Can One Earn From His Blog

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 A few years ago, there were not many Indian bloggers in the scene. But in the past few years, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of Indian bloggers; the rise in the number of Indian bloggers has almost been exponential. There are two reasons. One, as far as the World Wide Web is concerned, it’s certainly the best and cheapest way to let your voice be heard. Two, one can earn a reasonable amount of money if he posts quality content on his blog.

As the popularity of the blogworld is increasing, questions regarding ‘How can/How much can one earn from his blog?’ are also increasing. Being a budding blogger myself, I will try to answer the question, of how can one earn through his blog. As I said, I am only a budding blogger, I might not know all about earning from one’s blog, but still I surely know the basics.

One can definitely earn a handsome amount if one has a blog, but that will only be the case when you post good content on your blog, i.e. the content is genuine, interesting, or a good resource for your readers. If you meet all the requirements of a good blog, you can then not only earn some loyal readers but also attract a large number of unique visitors per day. After you feel that your blog is attracting handsome web traffic, then you can apply for ad programs such as

1. Google Adsense
2. Amazon Affiliates.
3. AdBrite
4. Bidvertiser
5. Chitika
6. Infolinks
7. Pocket Cents
8. Kontera
9. Clicksor
10. Exit Junction
11. Yahoo Publisher Network
12. Fastclick

Although all the ad programs are good, still Adsense is the most popular and preferred option.

Applying to all these options is very easy, just go and register on their sites. You just need to link one of your email ids in most of the cases. In most of the cases (like Adsense) the people from these sites, would contact you on the email you gave them and you would be informed whether or not your account has been approved.

Seems easy, isn’t it? But, for people of certain nations like India, Adsense follows strict policy because of increasing cases of click frauds. Indians generally have to follow the following guidelines in order to get their Adsense accounts approved–

1. The blog should at least have 15-20 posts.
2. The blog should be at least 6 months old.
3. The blog should attract at least 30 unique visitors per day.

Though Google has set these guidelines for getting Adsense account approved for a blog, still in some cases if the blog is promising or has great potential, then Google might approve Adsense account before 6 months.

Some programs pay you on per click basis but some programs like Amazon Affiliates pay you the commission of the stuff sold through the ads posted on your blog.

After you have enrolled in any of the ad programs you must keep holding your loyal readers and also increase the reader base of your blog. And how will that happen? No, there are no shortcuts, just keep on posting good stuff. I recommend starters to join some blogging forums, and reads blogs of experienced bloggers to enhance their blogging skills.

Apart from enrolling in some ad programs, you can start a blog completely reserved for advertising. Well, that’s not much popular in India, and one needs to be really experienced in blogging to start such blog.

And remember; don’t feel let down if you are not confident in starting a blog in English language. In fact, language is no constraint as far as starting your blog is concerned; one can virtually start a blog in any of the Indian languages.

I hope that this article of mine resolved a few doubts of ISC members regarding ‘earning through ‘blog., and propels ISC members to not only starting their blogs, but also earning handsomely out of their blogs.


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