Movie Review : Paa

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The movie Paa ,produced by AB Corp.Ltd. and directed by R.Balakrishnan or R.Balki is based on the complexity of family relationships set in the backdrop of a rare genetic disease Progeria. The movie which was released in 2009 in Indian cinemas was a huge box-office hit and was widely acclaimed for the tuned acting skills of its artists. Paa introduced to Indian cinema industry a new phase of makeup artistry and character makeup. Christien Tinsley and Dominie Till from Hollywood transformed our Big Bacchhan into a very adorable and lovable Auro. The music for the movie was scored by the very famous Ilaiyaraaja.He composed 8 tracks for the movie. While the notable characters in the movie were played by Abhishek Bacchhan,Vidya Balan , Arundathi Nag and Paresh Rawal,the movie stood out by the most interesting father-son link shared between the senior and junior Bacchhans.

Auro is a 12 year old victim of Progeria which is a genetic disorder that causes accelerated ageing. Though Auro is a child mentally, his body looks 5 times older. He goes to a school and has many friends like any other boy of his age but what disturbs his mother Vidya is the fact that his disease may not take him much further in life. Auro lives with his mom (who is a gynecologist) and grandmom and he is very happy with his life.

Auro meets his dad for the first time in his life at a prize-giving at his school. Amol Arte,Auro’s father is a member of parliament and a cold blooded politician. He and Vidya had broke up with each other after he had asked her to abort their child as he wanted both of them to focus on their careers. Though Amol doesnt realize that Auro is his own son , he shares a special bond with him and promises that he would visit the Rashtrapati Bhavan with him. Vidya restricts Auro from Amol but the father-son relationship evolves into a friendship even without Amol knowing it. The intelligent Auro tries to unite his dad and mom even as he faces the final and difficult phase of his life.

As Auro’s disease become deadlier and his health deteriorates, Amol proposes to Vidya in front of the whole nation through the media and finally they take the “saath phere” around Auro’s hospital bed. The satisfied son in Auro bids farewell to his father and mother with the final utterance of the words “Maa” and “Paa” and the movie ends on an emotional and touching note.

In R.Balki’s words, though Amitabh Bacchhan has given many brilliant performances before, Auro is his most mind-blowing performance. Balki is all praise for Abhishek and Vidya too for their wonderful performances in the movie. The background score by Ilaiyaraaja,the fine editing by Anil Naidu and the Cinematography by P. C. Sreeram are aspects that supported the film to a great extent. In all,Paa is a yet another masterpiece from the trendsetters of Indian cinema and a must watch for all categories of public.




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