Review of A Big Paid Social Community Website is an international social community website that has over 4000000 members around the world to date. As every Toluna experience is different in each country the review I’m writing is about Toluna panel in the UK.

Sign up:

It’s very easy to set up an account on Toluna. You just need to visit and click a black banner “Register” at the top right corner. Then you need provide a username and a password. Once you have done that, you can edit your profile and put a picture up or an avatar to represent you.

Things to do on Toluna:

As a member of Toluna website you can vote or participate in surveys for many categories. You can also make your own polls, topics and create opinions. You will make friends by participating in other members’ polls or opinions. Last but not least you can also request products test. Then Toluna will pay you for your time on the website. The rewards are calculated on Toluna points.

How to get points?

1. As soon as you register you will be given 500 points as a welcome gift. If you fill in the 16 short surveys about you and your interest you will collect 300 points per survey plus 2000 bonus points.

2. You participate in the votes sponsored by Toluna partners you can earn 15 points per vote. For some temporary votes you can earn 60, 120 or 150 points, even more.

3. You can participate in the surveys via your email address. You can also click ‘my surveys’ under your account to find out if there is a survey waiting for you or not. Mostly after you complete a temporary vote you will be automatically navigated to a survey. Depending on the length and topic of the survey the rewards could be from 1000 points up to 6000 points, even more.

4. You can create your own polls and topics. The more votes your polls get, the more points you earn; the more opinions are posted on your topics, the more points you earn.

5. You can also post your opinions on other members’ topics. You can get 100 points if your opinion is over 80 words.

6. To encourage members spending more time on Toluna, they set a member promotion system and reward points for every promotion.

7. You may recommend as many people as you want and will collect 500 points per referral.

How to spend points?

Currently on Toluna there are 3 ways to spend points.

1. You can buy prize draw tickets for the £ 5000 Monthly Prize Draw. One ticket will cost 500 points; you can also buy prize draw tickets for Ipad 2. One ticket will cost 1000 points.

2. You can also purchase vouchers provided by Toluna partners. For example if you have 80000 Points you can convert your points into a £15 voucher of Love2shop. There are totally 7 options to choose, such as Amazon Voucher, HMV voucher.

3. You can also donate your points to solidarity fund for Japan. One donation will cost 100 points.

Personal experience:

I have been on Toluna for two years and have been paid for many times, however I can’t say I like it.

On Toluna websites there are many votes and surveys every day. It’s good for members to add up points. Generally I can reach 80000 points within two months. However it’s a very frustrating experience to complete Toluna surveys. Mostly I was not qualified for their surveys or when I almost completed I was told they reached target numbers and I was screened out. And the survey reward is unbelievably low. For a survey of 20 minutes or more, you will just be credited 2000 points or even less, not to mention the omissions. So now I just occasionally participate in their surveys.

They say they will send you vouchers within six or eight weeks. From my experience it’s once in a blue moon I can receive them as promised. Generally it will take about 3 months. On last November I ordered a voucher, five months passed I still have not got yet. I know I will get it at last, but still feel very frustrated.

If I can I would suggest Toluna speed up the payment process and add PayPal as a payment option. That would make Toluna more appealing.

All in all I would stay on Toluna as it’s a reliable source for me to make some extra money on line. If you have a similar idea I would recommend you to join the site, particularly if you are interested in making polls or opinions. Toluna is definitely a kind of choice. There is a huge group of active members with a wide range of interests. Not only can you listen, but also you can speak out your voice widely.

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