How to Generate Revenue With a Website

Those comments are all a reality, all those seeking extra income using the internet can do it. In most cases (and which see below) make it through a web site, though small, for example blogs: Blogger and WordPress generally.

Sites that offer the creation of a blog is free, although some of them can get their own domains but involves a cost for which is about $ 10us a year but is optional.

The most blogs are offering this alternative no subscription cost to start earning money and is proving to be very efficient to the extent that already used the term ‘blogosphere’ to refer to the growing trend of blogs across the world.

But a question naturally arises how is that a blog can generate money for the average person, the answer is the same as when the Internet was beginning to expand and that Yahoo will boost a new business model: Advertising on the network.

This is why so many people are generating internet income: adding advertising to their blogs or web pages. It seems a joke but it’s true, many companies offer the possibility of placing ads on blogs or web pages at no cost to subscribe and immediately make money through this website.

In most cases the companies involved to place ads on various web sites, usually generate the income to the owner of the site by paying per click, what you mean?, That the web site owner earns a percentage of that click on the announcement made by a visitor to the same site (It might be a text link, banner falsh animation or javascript) is usually about $ 0.01us per click, depending on the company and its policies .

Among the best known companies of this method of making money are: Google AdSense, Smowtion Media, Exponsor, Text-Links-Ads, among others, offering the possibility of making money by the clicks that visitors made on the advertising links .

It is noteworthy that all these companies do not allow the same owner of the site then clicks on the ads, which invite people to take such action or using software to increase the number of clicks, in many cases when companies suspended irregularities detected generally, a definitive account of the subscriber. For this is not a good idea for the same owner, perform these actions.

Among other of the questions that arise with respect to advertising is where does the money and publicity for these companies pay people own the site? and what is the amount they pay?.

Arises from the need for such advertisers to have a growing audience, ie advertising networks display ads but not for themselves, unless they are from different companies all over the world have different headings: Banks, software and hardware, medicines, clothes, electronics, cars, insurance, etc. To name a few companies: Banamex, BBVA Bancomer, Microsoft, Apple, Zeneca, Novartis Aztra, Nike, Adidas, Puma, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Dodge, Ford, Toyota, ING, Metlife (just an example).

And many more companies are looking for a growing audience on the network. Regarding the amount of pay received varies webmasters advertising network, some pay the $ 100us other at $ 30US, $ 50US, $ 75US, some allow you to set the minimum amount in the specified payment terms which is the minimum amount to charge even some pay in euros.

But under what methods do get the money? most opt ​​for bank transfer, but also offer PayPal, check at home (in some networks involves shipping) or exchanged for any product, although it is rare to see this type of charge.

This is the opportunities offered by internet to start earning money through blogging, as seen in no circumstances ask for subscription fees. It is the task of verifying webmaster seriously different company to avoid falling into conflict over payments (to investigate ways that will win the money, the payment and the type of advertising that is offered.)

In the next articles will describe the ways in which advertising networks introduce ads on websites, the number of networks that can operate in one place, get adequate publicity to the site (according to the theme or niche blog or website ) as well as the advantages and disadvantages of having a blog and a website payment.

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