The Tooth Fairy Film Review

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The Tooth fairy is a minor league ice hockey player, he has this nickname due to the fact he is good at knocking players teeth out. He has a girlfriend who has two children and despite getting on well with the daughter he is struggling to get on with the son.

His life is about to change drastically though when he drops out to the little girl that the tooth fairy is not real and finds himself being whisked away to a magical kingdom. The tooth fairy is given a punishment of serving one week as a real life tooth fairy for what he said to the little girl and he is shocked by this. The following morning he wakes in bed and thinks it was a dream. Unfortunately he soon discovers it was not a dream when his co worker turns up with his first job.

Can The Tooth fairy cut it as a real tooth fairy and will he finally remember his own dreams and not take others away from them?

I was not overly interested in this film but when I saw more of the trailers it looked quite fun and enjoyable. After sitting down for an evening and wanting something light to watch both me and hubby agreed on this film and I am quite glad we did as we both found it to be enjoyable. The story was good but very far fetched at times but I think it was a good balance for children and young viewers. There is enough in the story to make it appeal to children but it was lacking for the elder viewer. I did think it was also quite daft at times but the way some of the actors carried their characters it made it worth watching and overall if you want a light easy to watch film then you could not go wrong with this one.

The acting was pretty good from all involved. The lead role of the tooth fairy was played by Dwayne Johnson and he did a good job. I would not have personally placed him in the role but after watching how he developed his character he actually was quite good and I think the way he looked so huge and out of place added to the humour of the film. He managed to convince me of his character and did deliver his lines with ease. He looked good when playing hockey and suited the costumes but I felt the tooth fairy costume was a little feminine on him and he did look daft. He bought some humour to the film but I thought he could have bought slightly more. He worked well with all involved and I did enjoy the connection between him and the daughter.

Some of the support character I felt were strong than the lead. Julie Andrews had the small part of being in charge of the fairies and I felt she deserved more on screen time as she was a great addition. She showed strength and was not afraid at the size of the Tooth fairy. I also enjoyed the addition of Darien Provost as Gabe and felt he too bought a good fun character to the film. We had a lot of other good support actors who helped bring a good mix of characters.

The two different world in this film blended well. I loved the real world and how it was shown, the setting was the present day and then I loved how different is was in Tooth fairy land and how bright and magical it came across. I felt that when they mixed it was done in a very good way and the use of the bright colours made it easy to spot who was from where. I felt the special effects which were used were good but some of them could have been slightly more detailed and with a little more work would not have looked too out of place. I noticed a few badly added backdrops throughout the film but as this is mainly for the children I don’t think they will notice them. I felt that some of the hockey scenes were slightly too rough and I did wince a few times when people were being banged and hurt but I again think children will actually enjoy seeing this element of the film. The music for me was not at all memorable and I cannot remember a single track which was used. I do remember that we had some good chants when we were watching the hockey but this is all I can remember of the soundtrack.

The film has a running time of 101 minutes and personally I found this to be a little too long as the story seemed quite slow paced. The rate is a PG and I do agree with this and think viewers around the 7 year old mark will find this a good fun film. This is a film only review so there are no bonus features to speak about but the DVD is available for around the £5 mark but personally I would recommend waiting for this to come on the TV and watch it for free.

I am going to give this film 3 stars. Both me and hubby did enjoy it but felt there was a lack of adult humour for the parents who are watching with their children. It is an easy to watch film which is very predictable but I think children will thoroughly love it and find it very funny. Maybe with a few stronger effects and more humour I would have given it 4 stars. One to watch but maybe wait for it to come on the TV.


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