The Bond Violated

An argument painful, devastating sexual abuse

An argument painful, devastating sexual abuse. A violence that marks an individual not so deeply in the body, as in being able to say as a subject. The abuse is often an encounter between a child helpless and needy, and an adult who consumes him. The abuse is what can not be understood, shared and then choose. The seduction before the act itself is cleverly constructed to confuse the victim, an act that is never isolated but repeated several times over the years. The abuse is often long prepared, administered in a manner that it can not be understood by the child. What’s worse is that it is often claimed to be a special act of love towards him. That’s how the plot tightens around the tricky child left without any means of escape and salvation.

The victims live in constant danger

The victims live in constant danger, in fear that a moment of peace soon turns into a new violence from which they can not escape.

All this has a devastating impact for those who find themselves in a position to accept, hold, deal and handle the abuse all the time for a cure over the long haul, why not just a simple conversation to develop a trauma so deep.

Numerous publications show a strong correlation between sexual abuse and anorexia – bulimia. The focus in these studies has facilitated new revelations of traumatic events usually occurred within the family and childhood.
Overcoming the enormous suffering that emerges from the memories of the abuse needs a big time of reprocessing. This and only this, will return to live and be leaders in their own lives.
For traders, learn to deal with the abuse and its various manifestations means discovering many cases, unfortunately, sums, which otherwise would not come to light.

Sexual abuse is an uncomfortable subject

Sexual abuse is an uncomfortable subject, but indigestible real and present in the lives of many people who have the symptom anorexic-bulimic.
Anorexic-bulimic for a subject who has suffered violence and abuse, trauma clearly touches a woman’s body, once the target of abuse and now the feelings of inadequacy, anger and guilt.

A body desecrated, to annihilate with the grue ling rituals of bulimia or subtracted to the eye and the appetite of others by fasting anorexia.

There is only one valid way to deal with and accept these terrible experiences: separate those who have betrayed and abused by the victim’s need for love, wrapped in the purity and innocence violated.

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