Why Are Parents Abusing Their Own Children?

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I’ve been reading books that are written by Cathy Glass on child abuse. I’m attracted to books that portrays child abuse, books such as damaged, mummy told me not to tell, etc. I love it when the children are finally walking out of the darkness and slowly getting their life back. It is really touching on how a caretaker can touch the heart of these troubled children.

But have anyone look at the root of the problem? It is something that I can never fully understand. I never could come to terms on why a parent will want to abuse their own child. It is THEIR child. For the mothers, you went through ten months of pregnancy and labour pain just to give birth to your child. For the fathers, that is YOUR child. The child is the result of the love between you guys. Do you really bear to torture your own flesh and blood? I really don’t understand. Shouldn’t you love him/her with all your heart?

But why are there still so many cases of child abuse? If it is step-parent, maybe one can understand why child abuse happens. BUT still, the child is innocent. Whatever resentment you feel or whatever other feelings you had, you should never abuse a child. That is going to affect them and the rest of their life. What advantages or benefits do you get from abusing them? Maybe just a moment of satisfaction? But that moment of satisfaction that you get is going cause a long term effect on the child’s life! How can one do such a thing to a child?

We should protect children and never let hurt come to them. The childhood of a children’s life is something that we should protect and cherish because it is probably the happiest time in one’s life as they do not have to worry about anything. If a child is being abuse by their parents, they will be afraid of the world because if they cannot even trust the people that is the closest to them, how can they trust strangers? The effects of child abuse are long term and it is not easy for them to walk out of it which is why, we should never abuse children!


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