Fast Five; Just The Right Mix of Romance, Action, Violence, And Muscular Bodies

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The gang from the “Fast” series is reunited in this speedy chase for the rights to their freedom and hopes of ending their criminal lifestyle once and for all. 

Naturally, you would expect to see an elaborate display of luxurious cars racing at lightning speeds.  However, the line-up of automobiles in this film exceeds the expectations by far.  The most featured car is the Dodge Charger which makes sleek appearances as a fantasy car for a young yet mature driver.  The car show doesn’t stop there though.  In just about every action scene, the cast members are sporting some flashy car that makes it difficult to not utter your “oohs” and “ahhs”.

The old gang has to bring out the big guns- literally, to challenge the biggest crime lord in Brazil who also controls the corrupt government.  Additionally, they have to escape the trail of Hobbs played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, an FBI agent whose reputation confirms that he always captures his targets.  He is convinced that the gang is responsible for the deaths of two DEA agents.  However, as the movie progresses, he questions his assignment and reconsiders the things that he is willing to do to catch the drug lords.

Aside from the speed chases, the crew orchestrates an ingenious plan to conquer their enemies that outsmarts even the cleverest FBI forces.  After all was said and done, all Johnson could do was laugh once he realized he had been out smarted.  In fact, that’s exactly what the average viewer is compelled to do when realizing the magnitude of risks that crew is willing to take to claim their glorious treasure. 

Overall, Fast Five is both exciting and has a complex plot.  There is just the right mix of romance, action, violence, and muscular bodies.  As soon as you think that the crew has no way out, they make a way and speed through their opposition.  The movie’s ending confirms that there will be yet another installment in the series which is sure to be a “must see” for the action lovers of the world.  “Fast Five” receives a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.  Simply put, this is an awesome flick.


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