Hkey Tips To Staying Properly Hydrated

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Stay Hydrated During Your Workouts:

When you begin to become tired, whether it be due to lack of nutrients, exhaustion, or working out, there is one main thing you should take into consideration.

You are probably not staying hydrated, or keeping yourself properly hydrated with the right fluids.

This is so extremely important when it comes to working out because the way you hydrate yourself and the consistency of hydrating your body is the key to working out.

I can’t even begin to stress how important it is to stay hydrated, and fill your body with the right nutrients with the right fluids.

Which Fluids Are Good And Bad For Workouts:

So obviously there are good fluids to hydrate your body, and there are absolutely terrible fluids for your body, especially during a workout.

So, the real question is, which beverages are good for your workouts, and which ones aren’t?

When working out, you need to remember that your body is constantly losing electrolytes and fluids, which are the two most important things your body needs to keep working.

You need to be able to replace both your electrolytes and fluids at the same time, because you are constantly losing both of them as you exercise or workout.

So, obviously you need fluids to hydrate your body that contain electrolytes for replenishing your body with energy. The main concept is: no electrolytes means no energy.

And no energy means no will to workout, or no energy at all to workout, even if you do have the willpower.

Water Highly Recommended:

So, let’s get into the best drinks and fluid that you could possibly be drinking before, during, and after your workouts.

Now my number one recommendation you are probably going to chuckle to yourself, but I honestly, highly recommend you stick with this average drink. Drink Water.

Yes I know water is so plain, has no taste like those sugary drinks, and you wouldn’t think it does much for your system when you workout.

Gatorade, Let’s Hope It’s In You:

So, the next best thing I recommend to help you stay completely hydrated during your workouts, is the highly recognized Gatorade. Yes, the athletic sports drink of the universe. I know that Gatorade is so cliche, but honestly it is the essence of a replenishing fluid for your body.

Gatorade provides replenishes the electrolytes you lose, because it is so extremely filled with them. So, when you start to feel tired, it is because you are constantly losing electrolytes.

But, drinking Gatorade doesn’t just hydrate you, but it gives you the electrolytes you need and even more. That’s why people feel so energized and replenished after drinking a Gatorade.

The main thing about proper drinks, is that it hydrates you and energizes you, instead of making you more thirsty and actually taking away your nutrients.

Absolute No-No’s For Hydration During Workouts:

Now, let’s get into the worst kind of fluids you can drink during a workout that can actually make you even more thirsty and take away your nutrients (energy).

Do NOT even think of drinking those “energy drinks” out there like Monsters, Rockstars, Red Bulls, and those fake energy fluids. The reason is that these fluids do absolutely nothing for your hydration and workout.

These kind of energy drinks actually do the opposite of give you energy, they take way your nutrients because of the high amount of caffeine. Energy drinks like these tend to make you fee like you have energy a minute or two after you drink it, then right after those few minutes you feel like you’re going to crash.

And, when you’re working out trying to get those six pack abs, you do NOT want to crash and have no energy. So let me tell you to never ever drink these energy drinks before, during, or even after your workouts.

Also, these energy drinks tend to actually take away your energy because they make you even more thirsty than you were before you drank the energy drink. This is the main goal of energy drink companies.

They want to draw you in by saying you’ll gain energy, which causes you to buy the drink, then you drink it thinking you’ll feel more energized, but you only become more thirsty, which makes you want to drink another can or bottle. See how sneaky energy drink producers can be?

If your goal is to gain muscle, lose weight, or chisel out those abs, stay clear of energy drinks.

Caffeine In Energy Drinks:

Another thing about energy drinks, is that they contain caffeine. Caffeine is a NO when you’re working out trying to stay hydrated.

Caffeine is a bad idea when it comes to hydration, because all it does is boost your metabolism. Caffeine is actually the complete opposite of a hydrating fluid.

The reason caffeine is so horrible for working out and staying hydrated is that it actually takes the fluids from your body and leaves you less hydrated than you were before you drank the caffeine.

Caffeine is actually a diuretic which means that it causes your kidneys to actually have to take fluids from your body. This should be self-explanatory why you never drink caffeine before, during, or after your workout.

You want to stay hydrated during your workout and have energy.

You don’t want to dehydrate yourself and leave yourself struggling to do a single exercises, so take my tip and do not drink caffeine or any energy drink before or during your workouts.


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