Main Benefits of An Exercise Ball And Why You Need One

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Exercise Ball Will Maximize Results:

So I know that you are wondering why anyone would go the extra mile to purchase an exercise ball, and what the benefits are, but I assure you once you read this, you’ll probably be on your way to the store to pick one up.

Now I personally, have had experience with ab workouts on this workout ball, and honestly there can be a big difference in the amount of results that are delivered, and especially the amount of time it takes to see those results.

So let me tell you why an exercise ball is such a MUST for those of you who really want to get powerful, fast results out of your ab workouts.

The Four Main Differences:

The first thing is that they work your abs much harder than regular abdominal exercises on the floor or a mat. I’ll get into exactly why they do, in just a moment.

Second of all, not only does it work your abs harder, but it works more of your muscles. What I mean is that they give your six pack abdominals a much bigger range of motion, which means almost all your abdominal muscle groups get a workout.

Suddenly an exercise that targets one main group of your abdominals, lets say your lower abs, all of the sudden targets your obliques as well, because of the workout ball.

Another main fact about workouts with one of these, is that you’ll develop much greater improvements in your balance and coordination.

Just think about it, you’re not only using your abdominals to keep you stable, but you’re using countless other muscles, including your leg and back muscles, that develop more of a stationary balance for you.

So, back to the advantage of extra added balance, let me explain exactly why an exercise ball majorly develops your balance, coordination, and even back stabilizer muscles.

When doing a normal crunch on the floor obviously the surface is flat, which doesn’t give your back muscles, balance, or coordination any work whatsoever.

The last awesome thing about workouts on an exercise ball, is that it is much more comfortable than when you’re doing your workout on a flat, hard surface.

Having more comfort means that you want to workout harder and longer, compared to when you have no incentive to want to keep going when you workout on the floor.

Proven By Scientist Research:

For these reasons, an exercise ball can do wonders for your abdominals, and give you faster results than normal ab workouts.

There’s no doubt that your abdominal muscles work so much harder with one of these, because there has been more than enough research to prove this fact.

Scientists and research have proven that there is a significant difference in the amount of work your abdominals do when on a workout ball, compared to the amount of work your abs to when doing a normal ab exercise on the floor.

If you were to compare results from someone who uses an exercise to someone who doesn’t, there would be a significant difference in not only the chiseling and forming of their abs, but also the amount of time it takes to blast your abs enough to develop them.

Cut Down Time And Increase Results:

An exercise ball cuts down a lot of the time you would be using doing your normal ab exercises on the floor, because with an exercise ball, your abs work harder and are blasted in all regions of motion, which significantly cuts down the amount of time.

So with that little bit of information, getting on an exercise ball could be just the extra, powerful boost that your abdominal workouts need in order to maximize results.

What mainly works your balance and coordination is the combination of these muscles struggling to keep your spine stable.

Performing a simple crunch on an exercise ball will cause the ball to slightly move underneath you, which causes your core muscles to work harder and maintain your balance.

There is a tremendous cut down in time, mainly because of this extra workout in your balance and because this simple workout ball blasts your abs in different ranges of motion.

So an exercise ball can give you that extra added balance challenge when you do any exercise, including normal, everyday crunches.

With one piece of inexpensive equipment, your workout is instantly upgraded to a harder workout for your abs.


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