Eastpoint Movies 10

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There are many people in Maryland who enjoy going to the movies. It’s fun to sit back and watch a movie on the big screen! One movie theater in Maryland to check out is the Eastpoint Movies 10. Found right in Baltimore, Maryland, this theater has been around for many years and has played many popular movies. If you would like to visit this movie theater, then here is a little information to help you learn more about the Eastpoint Movies 10.

Eastpoint Movies 10 is located at 7938 Eastern Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21224. The ticket prices are $9.50 for adults, $7.00 for children, and $7.00 for seniors. You can buy the movie tickets at the theater box office. The hours will depend on the showtime, but you can catch a movie as early as 11:30am and as late as 10:10pm.

This movie theater in Baltimore has ten movie screens! The largest theater (theater 4) has stadium seating. Outside of the theater is a list of the movies that are currently playing. When you enter the theater, you will first see the box office. Walk up the few stairs and you will come to the lobby. In the lobby are arcade the video games, concession stand, and restrooms. The concession stand will serve the usual theater food and snacks, such as popcorn, pretzels, candy, and soda. The movie theater has a large parking lot, and parking is free!

If you are looking to do a little shopping and dining while you are already out, there are a few locations to check out near this location. Right across the parking lot is “Cactus Willies”, an all you can eat resturant. A few blocks up from the movie theater is a Dunkin Donuts. If you like fast food, then you can find an Arby’s across the street from the theater. Also across the street from the theater is Eastpoint Mall. You can check out stores such as Gamestop, FYE, Payless, and Sears, as well as the food court and Ultrazone Arcade. Next to the mall is a Party City and Staples. So as you can see, you can turn your trip to the movies into a day out!

The next time you are planning to go see a movie, see what is playing at the Eastpoint Movies 10! You can catch a movie and check out the nearby locations! Have fun and enjoy the movie!

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I have been to the Eastpoint Movies 10 many times.

Eastpoint Movies 10

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