Mozilla Firefox Simple Tips For Beginners: Browsing Sites, How to Search, Using Tabs,diplaying Toolbars And Menus

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular free and open source web browsers today. It was owned and managed by Mozilla Corporation. Firefox runs and can be used in different Operating system such as Microsoft Windows, Linux operating system, Mac OS X, and FreeBSD and many more platforms. The latest version on Mozilla Firefox was version 4.0.1 which has released last April 28, 2011.

This article will give you some tips on how to use Mozilla Firefox in internet browsing. Also for the Mozilla Firefox settings, bookmarks, browsing history and other tips.

Browsing Online. Like some other browser type the website in the address bar to access your favorite website for example or you can simply type, no need to add www in the domain, Mozilla Firefox will automatically adds the http and www on  it. For searching a keyword, you will need a search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing Ask and many others. When you are in your search engine website you can now type the keywords you want to search online.

Maximize Your Screen Space. Make your icons smaller so that you can maximize your Mozilla Firefox Application viewing window by clicking your Mozilla Firefox Menu, go to View > Toolbars > Customize > and check the “Use the small icons” checkbox

Using New Tab and New Window. While you are browsing you can use the new tab so that you can open multiple websites and links in multiple windows. You can easily navigate to the desired windows and website without turning back and opens it back to minimize the loading time. You can use the new tab by right click on the desired link, “Open Link in New Tab” and you can also use “Open Link in New windows” but it is nit suggested to use because you will have so many windows of Mozilla Firefox applications.

Displaying Toolbars and Menu. Toolbars is the shortcuts icons and links menu that you can found in the top part of your Mozilla Firefox Browsers. Mozilla Firefox has many toolbars and menu for the users easy access the shortcuts, links and settings.  The Menu bars which includes the user menus like File, Edit, history, Bookmarks Tools and Help. You can View and Hide the menu toolbar by right click on the top of your Mozilla Firefox browser and check the Menu Bar. Navigation bar is where you type your favorite web address. Bookmarks toolbar, where you can find the bookmarked links. You can also show your installed add-ons toolbar by right click on the top of your browser and select your desired toolbar to display. 

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