How to Make Candles: Unique Jar Candles

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We have all seen those beautiful canning jar candles filled with potpourri and with the pretty ribbon and fabric on top of the lid that look just beautiful. The great news is that it is actually very easy to make your own canning jar candles with just a few inexpensive supplies that you can buy from a local craft store or even online of course. You will need wide mouth canning jars, ribbon, some potpourri, votive candles with holders, and a hot glue gun. Make your own canning jar candles to add charm to the dinner table as a center piece or gift them to family and friends for gifts.

To start, fill your jar with a variety of potpourri you like the smell of. If you would like, you can also add some extras such as dried apples or cinnamon sticks that will look great. You want to fill the jar full enough so that when you set the candle holder on top it is even with the top of the jar. Place the candle in the holder once you have got the fit right. Next, use hot glue to secure your ribbon around the top mouth area of the canning jar. Of course you can personalize your canning jar candles by gluing on decorations or photographs even. Canning jar candles are a wonderful idea for a Mother’s Day gift or even crafts for young children to make.

Canning jar candles are great ideas for many Holidays as well. Add pumpkin cut outs for Halloween, or little bunnies for Easter, and Christmas trees or tiny ornaments for Christmas time. Canning candle jars make excellent fundraisers to raise money or even as items to sell at at craft show. The internet offers many great canning jar candle decorating ideas, especially for the holidays so you can really create special candles . Your local craft stores and the internet are great places to get canning jar candle ideasso you can make your own candles. Those who are very creative will have no trouble designing your own after you learn how to create candles like these in jars.

McCall’s canning jar candles are sold already made. They come with wonderful labels that are very rustic looking for a neat look. This candle collection comes in many wonderful fragrances with a zinc wick. These canning jar candles come in two sizes, the 5 ounce that burns for about 30-35 hours and the 16 ounce burns for 110-115 hours. The small candles retail for $13.63 and the larger ones are $24.63. While these are great candles as well, you will miss out on the experience of learn how to create your own candles if you choose to purchase them instead of making them. You will also be able to make several of your own for the cost of just one McCall’s canning jar candle so there are definite benefits to learning how to create candles.

To save even more money when making canning jar candles like these, you might want to consider making your own votives to use. You can make these candles easily at home. You will need paraffin wax, wick, and candle holders. You can even choose to use dye for colored votives or scents to add a wonderful smell to the candles which is just lovely. It is very easy to melt the wax and add in whatever you want to make the color and smell you desire so you can create something spectacular. Then you simply pour the hot wax into the candle holders. To save even more money, you can shop at thrift stores and yard sales for canning jars and votive holders at a very low price.

Canning jar candles are very easy candles to learn how to create and they are very beautiful to use or give as gifts. You can make them in very little time and young children will be able to assist with this as you help them with the hot glue gun. Make canning jar candles for you own personal use or as gifts for holidays and occasions. These cute candles are very inexpensive to make and they last a very long time, giving a delicious aroma which is very pleasant.


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