Candle Making Guide: Simple Tips to Make Candles

Candle Making is a fun hobby and even enterprising business venture for others who are well advanced at making candles. There are basic supplies you need in order to make candles including a basic candle making guide if you are new to the craft. All candles require three simple essential items: wax, wick, and a candle holder. Candles can be made in various shapes, styles, and shape. Depending on those factors, the amount of wax, length of wick, and type of candle holder you will use will depend on those things as well as on your own preferences. The wax used for candle making is either paraffin wax or beeswax or a soy-based wax.

To melt the wax for your candles properly, you will need to purchase a good quality double boiler which is one of the most important supplies needed. To make the wax melting easy purchase stir sticks and a thermometer as well. To be sure you will be able to enjoy every last bit of the finished candle, consider adding wick clips to the base of the candle which are very helpful.

Candle molds are very popular to help you design your own candles and come in a variety of styles. You can purchase hundreds of different style candle molds or you can even create your own if you want something special. Candle molds are typically made from aluminum or metal. To make inserting the wick quick and easy, you will probably want to invest in a wick holder bar. A silicon mold release spray will help ensure your candles slide out of the mold easily and keep their shape perfectly so they looks great. Another supply to consider is a candle mold cleaner will help to be sure your molds work properly time and time again.

Remember that colors add appeal to candles. The market offers a full array of colors to purchase for candles in just about every color imaginable. There are many shades of the primary colors as well as pretty pastels and bold brights so you can chose your favorites to make. Some candle makers like to experiment by mixing up colors to create their own unique and attractive candle hues. The colors you will need to purchase for making candles come in the form of a dye.

You have the option of leaving candles plain or adding your favorite scents as well; the majority of candles will have a scent. Traditional scents include cinnamon, vanilla, and jasmine. However, the choices are really unlimited and some stores even sell hundreds of beautiful scents. Some of the aromas help you to relax (like lavender) and others will make your mouth water (like chocolate). You don’t want your candle scents to be overpowering or not strong enough so you will typically add just one ounce of scent for each pound of wax used to make the candle. Some candle fragrances might have their own instructions so be sure to check the label for any guide to using them.

The amount of each product you will need for each candle depends on the types of candles total you are planning to make and the size of each and should be noted in the candle making guide you are using. On average, you should be able to purchase all the supplies you need to start making candles for $100. Candle making supplies can be purchased both at local craft stores or from a variety of stores online. To save money on candle making supplies, consider purchasing a candle making kit where you can get all the supplies in one box for a discount instead of purchasing them separately.

Candle making is an enjoyable hobby that really allows you to express yourself with your own unique creations. To help ensure your candles develop in a form that can be used, purchase the candle making supplies I suggested here and be sure to get a great candle making guide. There are many accessories available as well to make your candle making more enjoyable once you start making more than just a few basics. Candle paints even help you create your designs on the candles which is a lot of fun especially for artists to use. This is a great way to create very nice contrasts between the candle color and the overall product look. Another item called luster spray gives candles a very shiny look. A base leveler will help you align crooked candles and will also help to be sure that the bottoms of your candles are flat and smooth so they will sit nicely and not fall over. Many people will enjoy the wonderful candle making guides available about candle making.

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