Unknown Truths About Six Pack Abs

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No Need For Abdominal Equipment:

First of all, there are many people that use abdominal training products, or fitness products, but I am here to say that using these machines or products really doesn’t make much of a difference from just performing free abdominal exercises four to five times a week.

These training products include Abs belts, abs loungers, abs machines, and other abdominal gizmos and gadgets that supposedly can “help develop six pack abs.” The truth is you can obtain six packs just as fast through real abdominal exercises and a good nutritional diet.

Many people feel like they have to get fancy and get abdominal fitness equipment and machines, when none of these products really make much of a difference from the results you can get from normal abdominal exercises found on this site.

So, I am here to make sure you don’t waste any money on abdominal products you don’t need.

Don’t Focus Completely On Workouts:

Another truth I want you to know is that, you can’t obtain six pack abs solely on abdominal exercises four to five times a week. There is so much more, including dietary changes.

Your nutritional diet plays a HUGE part in the results you obtain through your daily six pack ab routine. You can still work hard in your workouts and get results, but the more healthy changes you make to your diet, the more you increase the speed your six pack abs start to chisel in.

Working Out More Than 5 Times A Week Is Pointless:

Another truth I want you to know, is that you shouldn’t perform abdominals workouts more than five times a week. You can workout more than five days, but your body still has a limit to how much muscle it can build, no matter how much effort you place into working out your abs each week.

I recommend you perform your abdominals workout about every other day, and at the maximum, do your workout five days a week to really reach the peak of your six pack abs.

You are literally wasting your time if you workout your abdominals anymore than 5 times a week, because the amount of effort you put into working out each week, won’t change the amount of muscle your body can build, or the amount of fat you can burn.

Follow these few abdominal truths and I can guarantee that your overall abdominals area will thank you, and reward you with faster results than if you ignored these truths.


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