Will And Kate Should Have a Yard Sale

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 Having just come off my own yard sale – with middling results – I think of how much more successful such an effort would be with Wills and Kate, given their celebrity status. They’re almost in their thirties so they’ve had time to build a collection of furnishings and reportedly have received some lavish wedding gifts (despite requests for donations to charities in lieu of gifts), so what better way to spread the wealth than to sell and donate the proceeds to their pet charities? Would it be a slight to the heads of state who gave the gifts? Perhaps, but they obviously didn’t read the royal wedding website which lists and links the reader to their chosen organizations. Duh.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to own something they were given? Or own something that Kate wore or used herself… or wear Wills’ old skivvies? Never mind that holding a yard sale is totally an unroyal thing to do, and it apparently isn’t much of a British one either, so I’ve read.

Apparently, “yard” or “garage” sales are not nearly as common in Britain as here in the states, partly due to the fact that their front yards (“gardens”) are not very big, garages are considered a luxury, and the British — to their credit — do not have nearly the excess as do we Americans. We are’t exactly known for frugality or living lightly. Hoarding is, embarrassingly, a very American problem. But I digress.

The British do apparently have rummage sales (buying events which benefit a charity) though the UK term is called a “jumble” sale. William is the patron of many, many charitable organizations, some of which include Centrepoint (homeless), Tusk Trust (conservation), Patron of Skill Force (retired military helping the disadvantaged), and Royal Marsden Hospital (cancer center), among numerous others.

So when the lovely couple –whose whereabouts remaining oh so mysterious — return from their honeymoon, I will be anxiously awaiting the announcement of the jumble sale. I would certainly love an excuse to travel abroad and shopping deals are dear to my heart, so I hope this idea is shared with the lovely couple. I’ll be looking into discounted plane fares … 


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