Ehow is Closing Its Writer Compensation Program

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Ehow Is Closing Its Writer Compensation Program and What is that Mean to You

I was a Ehow member since 2006 and I was very active to engage in writing article for you until a years ago Ehow has announced to merge with Demand Studio and I suddenly lost of right to compensate more of my idea because they have decline my application to be their writer.  Therefore my articles was just sitting their day by day to earn my passive income.

Ehow Website Updated about 2 months Ago

It was like two months ago, I logged into Ehow to check my money earning as usual and suddenly I find that is no way for me to do that as before because they do not offer any link to check my balance, and therefore I keep trying and trying to login and hope that I could find a link and that was no hope, and that is why I gave up to do anything with checking my money.

Finally Find It from Online Resources

Then after a while I find a forum teaching people about how to check earning withehow, I finally find a link to get into ehow and check my balance, the earning seems go up crazy after the ehow updated their site.  But I also shocked by what Ehow was offering to me.

They Will Close the Writer’s Compensation Program by May 31th

I was shocked because Ehow is telling they will close their ehow writer compensation program and they were offering me money to buy out my article and have to make the decision by May 31th.  And if I sell my articles to them, I will not be able to publish the same article anywhere else.

Ehow is Getting Rid of the Former Writer by closing the Writer’s Program

After researching on the web, I have found a letterprobably from Demand Studio saying that Ehow site is getting more traffic and they want the site to become more professional and informative, and that’s why they need to change by closing their writer compensation program.

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