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Honda CBR 250R engine were only 249cc-cylinder liquid cooled, 23 nm highest pair in power at 7000 rpm and a maximum of 25 horse power at 8,500 rpm. The module was developed economic on the other bikes. The fast and The furious comes with 4-stroke engine and was developed taking into account the global need for individual bottles.

The price of a Honda CBR 250R is ca. 60,000 Rs. 1 and sport bikes with ecological and for future generations.

The new CBR250R propelled by an engine for single-cylinder liquid-cooled efficient 249cc which contains a sophisticated injection, DOHC, 4 valve cylinder head and engine counter balancer provides a reliable and easily Nimble handling machine, a wide allocation of the available and offers cheap operativosen a. The bike weighs only 359 pounds.

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Show your friends your Honda CBR 250R, now anger street and go in style, and they only drift with the wind. His favorite bicycle, talking here about the city and also pay attention to those jealous eyes to you. This cycle has a distinctive international appearance, and can easily from the cycle of the party. With this arrest shows there is no doubt that it is the cycle only in the crowd. You will pass the Honda CBR made unique and beautiful 250R bike find out exactly what should be checked. Honda team comes with a very competitive price and may be under control thanks to the location of the parties.

Design Details

This motorcycle is equipped with advanced and luxurious facilities for Cycling enthusiasts. The bike is best described as motto elegant and refined people rich and elegant. A look at the wheel and describes the attitude and style. This is the best Looking bike in the country and comes with many Designs, the VFR1200F signals. A characteristic foreign reflector and uniqueness of Honda motorcycles. The Centre CAP is simple but elegantly designed and has responsibilities for aerodynamics and body of the function succeeded in taking a breath of high efficiency and help to achieve the cooling of the engine low and high value. The exhaust is the design of the machine that also adds functional beauty in the lower part of the Honda CBR 250 r

Instrumental clusters, and Honda are equipped with digital speedometer analog Tachnometer and blue backlight. Analog tachometer is placed in the Center and the needle sweeping entirely if the bike is a. Arcs and LCD display gives many details of the indicators and they are very well developed and covered with silver,


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