How to Aerate Your Lawn And Garden

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Without aerating all the water and fertilizer in the world won’t help improve the condition of your lawn or garden. Think of ground that is not aerated as having a dense compacted composition; then, think of it transforming into an absorbent sponge after aeration. If you want to see you lawn and garden flourish . . . aerate; roots will love you for it. Here’s how to get started:

One method of aeration that is recommended is the use of hollow tining. A hollow tine decompactor is designed to be pushed into the ground and when it is pulled out it removes plugs of soil in the process.  It works similarly like pushing down multiple drinking straws into a thick milkshake and when you pull the straws out you take “plugs” of the milkshake out with the drinking straw leaving behind air pockets. Hollow tining devices are available in manually operated versions and engine powered versions.

Another method of aerating is called slitting. Slitting is done by using an apparatus with knife-like blades or disks that slice into the soil creating fissures in the ground. Slitting apart the soil improves permeation of the soil. Slitting devices can be purchased from you local home and garden centers. These devices are in the moderate to high price range.

A less expensive method is the use of a garden fork which is available in most home and garden centers. In this case you will press the fork into the ground with your foot, then gyrate and or rock back and forth the handle to create open pockets in the soil. An old-fashioned pitchfork will do relatively the same job.

Remember – Earthworms are our friends. These marvels of nature naturally aerate you lawn. Avoid pesticides and lawn chemicals that may endanger your earthworm friends.

Tip – Aerating your lawn and garden can be done anytime of the year; but, for best results you will want to aerate during late summer or early fall while the ground is still warm.

Tip – Have your soil tested to determine if your soil has the proper levels of nutrients. Fertilize your lawn after you have it aerated for the best possible results.


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