Ass, Gas, or Grass

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Ass, gas, or grass used to be as common on the sides of vans as mosquitoes in Florida. Everyone who had a vehicle in the ’60s put this on its side.

What it meant was that for a ride, you had to pay, whether that payment was more gas, or helping with dope, or giving sex, something was being put up for that ride. There were no free passes!

Jump ahead forty years, and some of those same kids, stuck in the wormhole of the ’60s is still at it, but have now made it impossible for us to have any free ride, but have made sure that by being in government they have one.

They enact laws which regulate us into almost extinction with higher taxes, payments for medical choices we don’t want, and forcing us to kill children with our money, while they circumvent these same laws in regards to themselves.

We, this nation and its People, are the van, and the taxes and laws are the payment methods for ass, gas, or grass, to which the leaders of this nation have assumed the driver position and have headed us over a cliff. We will pay, and pay hard, while they reap the benefits of strangling us in debt and an economy that stagnates!

Case in point, a community organizer, another way to say pimp/pusher on the street, has jumped into the seat of power, and has grabbed the reins of government, and he’ll be damned if he doesn’t get his Huggy Bear thinking into whatever plans he devises.

We may all go down, we may all die, we may all have to cut back, but we are the riders and he is the driver, so screw us, the pimp daddy knows best, and if he doesn’t he’ll at least have stolen a lot before we stop him!

So ass, gas, or grass, we are paying, and this ride is getting rough! So let’s cut off his money machine, and his socialist dreams for hippie paradise, and throw this organizer out with all the other van buddies trying to take down this nation!

Nobody rides for free, not even us, and especially not them!

PTR May 5, 2011



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