Dealers Accessories & Warranties

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Most car dealerships sell more than just cars.They sell all sorts of car accessories as well.Various questions need to be asked about car accessories.Which ones are included with the purchase price of the car? Which accessories are covered under the warranty? These and other questions will be briefly answered below.


It is vital that any vehicle you drive provides you with comfort as well as privacy.Having the best accessories in your vehicle will help you attain those benefits.

Basic interior accessories include: floor mats,carpets, seat covers,stereo,air bags and DVD systems.You should check the vehicle you are purchasing to see which of these items comes standard.Any accessories that do not come standard on the vehicle can be purchased separately through the dealership and added to the vehicle before you take ownership.


Some common exterior accessories for vehicles are: side bars,body panels,wheel covers,windshield wipers,light covers,license plates and exterior lights.Each of these accessories is extremely important for a vehicle.It is a good idea to make sure these accessories are free from damage and in working condition before purchasing a vehicle.


There are also a couple must haves in the vehicle accessory category.These include a vehicle warranty and air conditioning.

Air conditioning comes standard on most vehicles these days.When test driving a vehicle you should check the air conditioning to make sure it not only works,but puts out enough cool air.

A vehicle warranty is perhaps the most vital accessory.It covers all major parts of a vehicle as well as some add-ons.Dealerships offer full warranties which cover repair/replacement and can include parts.


There are also some optional accessories you may like added to your vehicle.Some of these include:luggage racks,truck liners or trailer hitches. You should decide whether you need these added before you purchase your vehicle.Truck and pickup liners and trailer hitches can always be added to a vehicle later on.

It is best to decide which accessories you require before going to a dealership.If you have a clear idea in mind,you can adjust your budget accordingly before walking throughthe door.Any accessories you do decide to purchase when buying a vehicle must be included in the warranty.Accessories included in your warranty may be repaired,replaced or refunded should they become damaged.

The warranty should be carefully read and you should highlight any areas that require clarification. If you disagree with any of the warranty do not sign it. You can ask to have any areas checked by a lawyer for your peace of mind. Remember it is your hard earned cash that will be paying for the new car and warranty.

The end result should mean you are happy with your new car and all your added accessories you have chosen. The warranty should suit your specific needs with no areas for concern. All that is left is for you to take the car and drive.


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