Priest (2011) Movie

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Introductory Scenes

In the beginning of the movie, we are given a history of a war between humans and vampires.    We are also shown a scene where some priest were in a tunnel looking for the Vampire Queen.  This reminded me of scenes from Resident Evil or Aliens or even Starship Trooper.  One of the priest was dragged away by the vampires – this was a recurring nightmare to the main character.  This scene is key because it will have significant later in the movie.


The main form of transport in the movie are motorcycles.  There was a car in the show but the main transport are motorbikes.  The motorbikes were pretty cool, it appears like a mix between a jet engine and a bike.  It has nitro booster which allows the bikes of the priests to achieve speed in access of 200 miles/hr.


The city somehow reminded me of Blade Runner.  With the dark scenes, crowded with people and also security and the constant broadcast by the church.


The vampires remind me of the creatures introduced in Doom and also the Resident Evil.  As in all vampire movies, the vampires have slaves known as “Familiars”.

The Story

Overall the story was well done.  We have the priests who were heroes of the great war and now mostly ignored (much like the Vietnam veterans) and treated by pariahs by the people at large.  The monsignours – the people in power trying to control the people through religion threatening them that any challenges against them is a challenge against God.

A family was attacked, the mother killed, the father hurt and then the daughter kidnapped.  The boyfriend goes to find the priest and tells him about the attack and indicated that he will seek out and rescue the girl.  

As the story, would have it the girl turns out to be the daughter of the priest and it turn out to be a sinister plot to lead all the priest from the city and leaving it unprotected.

It then all leads down to the final showdown, where you have a super strong vilian who turns out to be the priest who was turned (from the start of the movie).


The producer did a good job to add some suspense but not overdoing it.   Bits and pieces of the history of the main character is revealed throughout the movie.  There was also an attraction between the two main priests which could not be fully realized due to history and the vows.

This is a more satisfactory movie to me compared the Thor.

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