Where to Get Idea's For Writing!

As a write this, I really should be calling at the jobcentre to book another appointment. Proof positive of the internet’s alluring and addictive power. Despite coming out of the university and military shadow to be  used as a business tool, 70% of time on the internet is leisure, with an awful lot of it being pornography! But let’s not be too low and negative. Amongst our internet users are some intelligent people with interesting views. We have only just been able to take notice of these people through comments and blogs on social network sites! And I think crucial for these users, especially those unemployed, is for them to hose their skills, and start writing for money!

I myself started with fan fiction, regarding South Park. Being able to see other writers and understand the hone their ideas inspired me to create my own characters; hence I have written THE LONELY WALK. So go to fanfiction.net for your dose of inspiration. But a big influence as well in my life was writers of sexual fantasies and ideas. I do believe it is important for all young people to view sexual stories, at least those on a subject they are comfortable with!
And, have not seen it for ten years, I am please to see one of the first heartily written stories on the net, a fan fiction of FUTURAMA. Loving Leela by Matthew Lenahan. I won’t spoil the details of this lovely romance, you look it up. My disappointment however is that this story is rather hidden. I took me an awful long time to find it again. On one hand, it could be because they risk this work being deleted! On that feel, I won’t put up the URL to this story.

And lets not forget; writing for money, like what i am doing now on BUKISA. There are so many companies and websites out there that are all trying to write content rich websites that a small handful of people can barely keep up with the competition in producing that content. At least here Bukisa is willing the share their revenue of adverters with us conent makers – wheather we comment on the News, how to make a paper air plane or gossiping on what lipstick Cameron Diaz wore last night.Most of us are here on Bukisa for two reasons. We enjoy writing and it is fun and handy to earn money writing articles.

There are many other writings and stories out there, even real life blogs and diaries hold a surprise or too. So for all you would -be writers, get out and search for ideas! Be careful where you look, and look out! And be prepared for nasty surprises. There are so many stories in the richness of this universe I could not list them all, but enjoy what you find ladies and gentlemen. Your own stories await you!


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