LG Optimus Gt540 Smartphone Review

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The Android platform has developed at a fast rate in the past year. According to the latest trend, it is the number one platform for smartphones getting ahead of its rivals like RIM’s Blackberry OS and iOS of the iPhone. If you’re searching a great unlocked Android phone then among the best models in hand is the. This mid-level priced smartphone goes with high-end features that let it become a quite popular model to choose.

The LG Optimus GT540 Smartphone bears a really sleek design and is solidly worked up. The brushed metal appearance on its side and back contributes to the toughness of its design. You will not find any creaks once you hold it. At the front side, you’ll find a 3.2 inch resistive touch screen. Though most models go with capacitive touch screens nowadays, navigating the menus on this phone is quite responsive. It could support Android 2.1 Froyo which implies that you’ll have access to the Android Marketplace and you can select from the thousands of applications to put in your gizmo.

Travelers would love the truth that this unlocked android phone utilizes Quad band technology. This signifies that you may use this model anyplace in the world. To save up on roaming fees from your home network, you are able to just stick in a prepaid SIM from whichever nation you are visiting and delight on using your phone right away.

Getting online is likewise easy with this LG Optimus GT540 Smartphone. You are provided two connection options to choose from, Wi-Fi or HSDPA. If you’re near a hotspot, just turn on the Wi-Fi feature and start up the browser and get online. When you’re on the move, HSDPA connection can be utilized. The HSDPA technology uses cell network and delivers great download speeds.

For those concerned with its multimedia highlights, this unlocked android smartphone goes with a camera boasting 3 megapixel auto-focus. You’ll be able to take pictures or record videos at seventeen frames per second. There’s a familiar 3.5mm port right on top of the phone so that you’ll be able to use whatever high-end headphone you already have and enjoy music. There’s also a microSD slot is able to support memory capacities of equal to 32 GB and creates an excellent storage place for all your photos and music.

If you’re searching for an excellent unlocked android phone, consider the LG Optimus GT540. It’s a terrific touch screen phone.

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