Comparing Android Tablets Vs. Ipad

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Operating System

Evidently, among the greatest differences between the two is, of course, its operating system.  Apple’s iPad runs on Apple’s iOS while Android tablets run on some edition of the Android OS of Google. Both are the basic OS that is running on each companies’ respective smart phones.

Basically, this is an issue of preference. Nowadays, several developers choose Android over iOS, because it is practically easier to acquire a new app inside Android’s app market. Still, each Android tablet (including phone) might have other versions of the software, which makes it a bit unnerving for some users, because a few apps could work only on a later versions of Android, where in each tablet may not get.

The companies who develop the tablets choose when to thrust an update of the Android software for each type of gizmo, so one type may get an update, while some could wait for months, or won’t get an update ever.

No clear winner here in this arena. When you get an opportunity, test drive each one and check which operating system you want best.

Screen Size

Possessing a big screen could be both a plus or a minus contingent on what you plan to use it for, and particularly on how you plan to bring a tablet around. For example, purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Tab, regarded among the finest Android tablets presently on the market, and a big selling point is the screen being actually way smaller than the iPad.

The iPad screen is more than 10 inches, almost the same size as small laptops have. That can be excellent if you plan to bring it inside a backpack day in and day out and prefer to watch videos on it, but it is harder to carry around. The Galaxy Tab makes more sense since some people don’t carry a backpack and like to bring it along to meetings.

No clear winner here either. You might prefer to resolve first whether you desire a wireless gizmo that’s portable or if you prefer the largest screen possible. One fair warning here, however – soon enough, there will probably be tablets that run on Android on the market having screens of the same size of the iPad.


You can discuss about Android tablets vs. iPad without discussing apps. Apps make or break the tablet for some. For people who have used both operating systems extensively, will contend that the iPad certainly has more apps compared to Android, but not disappointed with Android either since one can find just about whatever kind of app you can think of. To boot, virtually every company that creates an iPad app creates an Android app too.


It appears that even the best Android tablets are priced lower overall, and you will be able to find some good, cheap Android tablets in the market. Both contain data plans, and you can not do much without a data plan with a tablet unless you stick around in a wifi zone, so you’ll likely wind up paying the same.

Still, when it bears on the cost the device itself, Android wins. This debate will rage on throughout 2011, but for some, when it concerns Android Tablets vs. the iPad, they are all for Android!

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