How to Make a Great, Strong Smelling Candle

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It has been commonly said that practice makes perfect. If a person has tried how to make a candle and was not successful in the first attempt, he/she does not need to stop trying. Everything in life needs to be done slowly, gradually and persistently until the desired result is achieved. This is true especially in making scented candles.

Scented candles are expected to bring about or emit fragrance the moment it is lighted. However, there are times when the candles one has bought or made do not bring about such fragrance. The following instructions have been proven effective in how to make a candle that smells really great.
First, use only high fragrance concentrates. There are a number of fragrances on sale, thus there is a need to know the quality of the fragrance before buying one. Next, the correct proportion of the fragrance with the wax is 1 to 1.5 ounces of fragrance per pound of liquid wax. The two elements should be mixed completely without residue. The third tip is to make sure that the fragrance is distributed evenly in the candle from top to bottom. This is made possible by making sure that there is not watery residue after pouring the mixture to the molds. Consequently, before lighting the candle one must be sure that the top is level flat. This is to keep wick from drowning or twisting down towards the melted part of the candle. One may continue to add fragrance on the melted wax if he/she desires to improve the intensity of the aroma. It is to be noted that the scent that is released is not dependent on the fragrance alone but on the melted wax.

More secrets and tips on how to make a candle are available online. One just simply has to click on the links on his/her browser, and with much patience and determination, he/she can be an expert not only in making candles but also in making great candles with exceptionally fragrant scents. Amazing results can bring fulfillment only to those who take the first steps and try again and again to master the craft of candle making.


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