Want to Lose Ten Pounds In A Week?

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Take Initiative To Get Fast Results:

So I’ve just recently discovered that there is actually a way you can truly lose ten pounds in the matter of a week.

Now I know you must be hesitant about this, but hear me out for a moment. The question for many is if it is possible or not, and I’m here to tell you that it is.

However, it is gonna take a bit of work in that one week, and you’re going to have to take initiative and take action as soon as you want to start.

There is no, “Oh I’ll do half of this now, then half of this later.” No If you want results in the fast amount of time I’m guaranteeing you, then you at least have to work with me.

Three Main Weight Loss Concepts:

So, the few things you’re going to have to do is improve your diet and focus on your nutrition, dramatically increase the amount of time you perform aerobic activities and exercises, and lastly, you want to increase the amount of abdominal exercises you do, to get rid of that extra pad of fat around your stomach area (if you even have it.).

No Limit To Amount Of Weight You Can Lose:

With these three simple facts, there is no limit to the amount of weight you can lose in a week. Depending how hard you work, and the amount of time you put into your workouts and aerobics, you could even end up losing ten pounds in less than a week (which would not be a miracle considering the tips you’ve been given).

Now I’m not saying its gonna be easy and I’m not at all saying that its impossible, because losing ten pounds in less than a week is extremely possible if you keep focused by not becoming distracted by outside problems.

You Get Results Based On Effort You Put Into It:

The main thing you want to remember is to stay completely focuses and to put AS MUCH effort into each of these three areas, and push yourself to the limit because then, you’ll know for sure that you get as much out of this as you put into it.

Don’t expect to lose any weight if you eat a few vegetables here and there and then throw in a doughnut or two in the mix, because the secret to the diet and nutrition idea is to keep it constant.

You don’t want to ruin your diet and nutrition by adding in a bunch of sugar and calories because the healthy foods will NOT “even out” with the fatty sugary foods you throw into the mix. YOU need to be willing to make the effort not to give up no matter what “sugary temptations” you are faced with.

I promise you, if you stick with a healthy nutritional diet for even just a mere 7 days, that your results will be more than worth it.

Change That Bad Diet Fast:

First off, you want to completely shut out these useless foods an calories: fatty cakes and pastries, sugary drinks, any form of white bread (which is turned into sugar the instant it is digested), fast food (yes this includes fried foods) and those useless candies.

If this is what your diet consisted of before, there are some major changes that need to be made, which starts with substituting out all the listed foods above, with vegetable and dietary foods.

Cut Down On Meals With These Tips:

Second thing you want to do is cut down on the amount of meals you eat each day. Let’s say you ate three meals a day with a couple snacks in between.

Well, how about you eat two meals a day, like breakfast and dinner, with lunch consisting of a banana and peanut butter, or even a small said (nothing too big). Or if you ate three big meals, cut it down into smaller portions and have three smaller meals and take out some foods that you would normally eat.

The reason for cutting down large meals into smaller portions is because this causes your body to digest the food and convert it into energy rather than fat, which makes it easier for you to go straight to exercising and burning it off, since you now have energy.

All of these tips will help you lose weight faster than you can imagine, it just takes willpower and commitment.

Fill That Hunger With Water:

So, ever since I was about ten years old, I’ve always been told that if my dinner is gone and I’m still hungry, I should drink a glass of water or two.

Now I never really knew the reason behind this because I was just obeying my parents, but little did I know that this concept was going to follow me throughout the rest of my life.

So here’s my proposal to you. If you reach your limit, and you know you shouldn’t eat anything else for the rest of the day but you’re still hungry, then try and drink a glass of water or as many glasses as your body needs.

Or even drink about 10 glasses of water throughout the day, each and every day, so that you will constantly have that “full” feeling and you won’t be hungrier for more food.

The reason this helps so much is because we can’t really always interpret what exactly our body needs, so often we confuse ourselves and think we are hungry, when in actuality our body just requires liquids to be filled.

If you want to get the best out of this process, drink water constantly, and you’ll find yourself eating much less.

Your Mindset Is Everything:

Now, many people don’t believe that they can lose ten pounds in a week, mainly because they don’t want to think about the amount of hard work they’ll have to put into that one week.

But, the main concept of this process is that you don’t get results, unless you put in the hard work and effort.

You have to come into this knowing you’re going to lose weight and have the confidence needed, in order to push through each workout and work hard until you can’t go anymore.

I emphasize how hard you’re going to have to work at aerobics exercise, because you can’t lose ten pounds in a week off mere diet alone.

Working That Abdominal Area For Fat Loss:

So the last major tip I’m going to give you is to work, work, work those abdominals.

Many people just focus majorly on their aerobics exercises and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but I am saying there is so much more you’re going to have to do if you really want to lose ten pounds in a short period of time.

Working Harder Produces Faster Results:

Remember that you aren’t going to lose ten pounds by workout out ten minutes a day and exchanging veggies for pastries, but you’re going to have to work your butt off and be 100% consistent in your exercises, workouts, and diet plans.

You have to stay consistent and not lose hope or faith, because losing weight is a mental game. You either go into this process with confidence knowing you’ll lose weight, or you strike yourself out before even trying.


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