A Taste Of What Its Like Being Me

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My Name Is Breanne. Im A 14 years Old and I live In Los Angeles California.  Being A Girl Is One Thing. We have pressure to have sex, an image to maintain, and even worry about our monthly cycles. Being A Black Girl Is Another.  Being Called Rasict Names, Being Looked At By Some as hoodrats, and me being darkskineed people talking about my color. I really havent been through anything compared to most people, so im not going to sit here Like I Have The Blues, but i have had my fair share of hurt feelings, and dispointments. Also The Feeling Of Being Misunderstood, and by some crowds unwanted. Children Can Be Cruel and thats why teenagers need support. They Need There parents, and family to help them, and to love them. They Need good freinds around.  Well ofcouse Everybody Needs that, but its important during our devolpmental stage. I have that, and thats why all my problems seem a little smaller each day. I know some kids who going threw the same things I am, but there family not there for them and , There really going threw ALONE. There’s Peer Pressure, There’s Boyfreinds and girlfreinds, There’s drama from school, theres wanting to fit in, and the list goes on and on and on. If you have some good edvice or good help them please do, you dont know how much a big crisis to us can be solved with the smallest sloution. Dont make your freinds, children, neice, nephew, whoever feel alone. Its the worst feeling. The point of this article to wrap it up is about teenagers, out problems, and why family and freinds are important. There’s Just Some Things People Are Going To Go Threw, its just human nature.  But I think its not a good idea to leabe them alone in there vunerable state of mind. Please Dont Do that no when we need you the most. I know this may seem like just another teen complaining about so,ethign you already went threw, but it didnt feel like that to you when you were our age. When you were our age you felt the same way and where asking for the same things we were.So Please Please Please The Next Time you see your freind or family memeber, who going threw the typical stuff. Sit them down and talk to them. Maybe they need some more clothes, or some stuff for there acne, you never know till you ask and see what you can do.


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