Lead Generation: Choosing The Right Option

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There have already been countless businesses in the course of history wherein lead generation has been applied as a marketing stratagem. Throughout the course of time, many have used telemarketing as their forefront method in gathering b2b leads for the betterment of their companies. Through this marketing method, businesses can get closer to the leads wherein other mediums have been rather unsuccessful in doing so.

Because of this understanding, more and more companies worldwide have already made use of the many wonders of telemarketing for the gathering of a possible client’s interest. Going about the many procedures in generating leads for one’s company can be broken down to a number of choices. The path a business owner can take for their lead generation telemarketing campaign can depend on a number of factors such as:

·         Finances

·         Office space

·         Time

·         Lead database

The path that the business takes for their lead generation telemarketing campaign depends on the current situation of these determinants. Now, let us take a look at the choices one can take for this type of marketing campaign.

1. The campaign as part of the in-house operations

The good thing about handling the campaign in-house is that it allows full supervisory powers over to the business owner or to one of their supervisory staff. This is to allow any kind of error or tweaking within any of the campaign’s procedures to be done as swiftly as possible. Hence, even if the campaign will start out in a crooked road, the road to its straight path is not that far.

However, building the campaign from scratch does have its disadvantages. For instance, business owners need to shell out a lot of money as the campaign for generating these leads needs the appropriate tools for its fruitful outcome. Additionally, the start of the campaign may be more of a trial and error, to which opportunities may be missed out during this time. If the business is in need to catch up with the competition as soon as possible then this may not be the best option to take.

2. Outsourcing the campaign to telemarketing companies that uses the traditional means to gather leads

Traditional telemarketing services allows companies to save a ton of money in building the campaign from scratch. Through this path, professional telemarketers handle the campaign with much expertise. Professional telemarketers are well-versed in the art and skill in piquing the interests of a possible client. As such, there will only be a very small fraction of opportunity that might be missed.

Even though this option can let business owners economize in the total cost for their telemarketing campaign, many will still find it a bit hard to pay for these outsourced services. Many companies will still find the price for these services a bit too high for their tastes.

3. Outsourcing the campaign to telemarketing companies that offer pay per lead as their main program for generating leads

The last option to take into consideration is to outsource to a pay per lead telemarketing program. As opposed to the established method of telemarketing, this program only lets businesses to pay for the exact number of leads they require and not a penny more. For just about any scale of business, this option proves to be the most beneficial as the costs for the campaign is very low and it is still handled by professional telemarketers.

Analyze what your company wants and check which of them is most beneficial for you. It all depends on what you require and what you need. For the most part, opting for the third option is very beneficial as it allows a win-win situation for one’s marketing campaign.


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