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Are you looking to buy a cute teacup puppy?  Stop looking.

One of the most unethical, and cruelest, trends in the pet industry, is the creation of “teacup” puppies. 

For some reason some people are not happy with the sizes dogs already come in, and do not want to settle for pets that are normally small anyhow, they insist on getting pups marketed as “teacups”.  If you are one of these people, I encourge you to reconsider as you will be paying too much for a low quality (but “cute”) gimmick pet.

No reputable breeder would intentionally breed, or market, “teacup” dogs.  No matter what they say, Teacup pups are pups who are intentionally stunted through poor breeding or poor nutrition.  To this end some breeders even tell the new owners to feed smaller amounts of food than the pup should have, as a cruel way to keep it petite.

Some of the dog breeds occasionally marketed under the gimmicky term of “teacup” include Chihuahuas, Toy Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers, and Rat Terriers.  Seeing the word “teacup” in any ad, or on a website used to market pups should be a red flag, a warning sign that the breeder is unethical and will stop at nothing to make money.  They are not breeding with the intention of producing quality dogs.  You should also avoid dogs sold as “miniatures” when the breed dogs not have such a class.

Owning a dog that might qualify for the Guinness Book of Records smallest dog is not a title of honor, its a mark of shame.  It shows no respect to the welfare of the animal in question.  The need to own an abnormally stunted pet is a sign of vanity or mental issues.  There are stuffed toys, Guinea pigs, or hamsters available to fill those market needs. 

Animals marketed as “Teacups” or “miniatures” often have many health problems as a result of being poorly bred.  Also consider that these pets are usually sold at a higher price tag because of being “cute” but will generally have more costly health care associated with them too.  Although small dogs have longer lifespans than large dogs, teacup and miniature dogs often have more health problems and shorter lifespans. 

File:Smooth Miniature Dachshund puppy.jpg

photo source – miniature dachshund

Here are just some of the problems found in Teacup dogs:

  • Heart complications (often not living more than a few months). 

  • Digestive system complications (again contributing to a shorter lifespan).

  • May be born with liver deformities, known as shunts. 

  • If they are allowed to breed (even with a stunted male) the females may have problems whelping (giving birth), many require costly cesearian sections. 

  • They are prone to hypoglycemia, and need smaller feedings more often.

  • They are prone to dehydration.

  • The soft spot on their skull may not harden correctly, thus putting them at risk for injury.

  • When ultra small dogs get sick it is more difficult for them to recover.

  • They are more at high risk for broken bones.

  • They often have an increase in dental problems.

  • Stunted dogs have an increase in rates of epilepsy.

  • They can be easily hurt through regular handling, by other pets, or by children.

  • Additionally any dog bred purely for being small is prone to other health problems simply because any importance of breeding for quality has been disregarded.

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