Buying Guide For Retro Furniture

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If you wonder why you would need a guide for buying retro furniture, you have to know that there might be a few important aspects that may possibly escape your attention.The term “retro” was used for the first time in 1950. Those years gave birth to innovative and fascinating ideas concerning furniture.

The retro style includes lavish sofas made of leather and Bauhaus furniture that are much appreciated even these days. The come back of the retro furniture is very powerful and the following information will guide you through the retro furniture’s history.

The ideas of Eileen Gray inspired many retro designs and she has been the first designer to introduce lighting, rugs and tubular steel furniture.

The Austrian architect, Joseph Hoffman, inspired by his passion for perfectly geometric forms, created fantastic sofas and armchairs following geometric patterns.

Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris, also called by his popular pseudo-name, Le Corbusier, defined Modern Architecture when he initiated to design in 1928.

The modern classic trend that started in the 20th century was created by Charles Eames and his spouse. They revolutionized the retro furniture after they designed metal legged chairs, seating furniture in mesh and many more.

George Nelson’s rare talent made him famous when he created the L-shaped desk, Marshmallow sofa and the graphic wall clock or bubble lamps.

Harry Bartoia, an excellent Italian designer has revolutionized the retro furniture world by patenting the Diamond chair. The feature that made his creation famous is its robustness.

Another famous designer was Marcel Breuer. His popularity resulted from Simplistic designs mixed with smooth lines. The Breuer chair collections include the Marcel Breuer Cesca Chair, Breuer Wassily Chair or Marcel Breuer Cesca Arm Chair.

In Barcelona, at the International Exposition, Mies Van Der Rohe built the popular German Pavilion. Among other creations, the Barcelona chair has been really appreciated.

The history of retro furniture is really wide and a simple article can’t include what should be written in an entire book. If you have in mind the acquisition of retro furniture, don’t be afraid that someday it will be out of fashion because this will never ever happen. Be confident and purchase right now your favorite design of retro furniture and enjoy it for years to come.


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