How Should I Rearrange The Furniture?

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When you don’t have the money to buy furniture, the best solution is to rearrange your old furniture in a new way. No matter the size of the furniture, the rearranging process might cause a lot of stress. You don’t have to be a professional interior designer or to hire one to get good results and you can do it yourself by following the next few tips.

You need to find the balance of your room. The pieces must be placed in a pleasant and suitable layout. Don’t loose the balance by placing too many heavy furniture pieces like sofas, dressers, beds or chairs in one zone. Also, illogically dispersing the pieces around the room could have a bad result.

Carefully arranging an entertainment zone with table and chairs on one side of the room and another one that includes TV cabinet and sofa on the other side of the room will harmoniously balance your room.

When arranging the living room furniture, try to focus on the sofa. Breaking the sofa pieces is excellent if you are bored of the old layout. Place the main piece of the sofa against a wall and the rest of the pieces in other places. Another solution is to put the sofa away from the wall, but in this case it is important to maintain a comfortable-to-walk zone between the wall and the sofa. As much as placing the furniture, enough walking space is an important consideration too.

All the furniture pieces should be positioned in such a way that it allows the guests to move around freely. If there is only one access way to the room, be careful not to block the guest’s access to the sofa or chairs by placing a coffee table or any other furniture piece in the door zone.

Having two zones in the living room is another option. One of the areas could be dedicated to entertainment and socialization and the other one to study. You can delimit the areas by placing tall flower pots or chairs in between. Some homes even use tastefully crafted screens or a sunk study for that demarcation. You can use whatever suits your budget and designing sensibilities.

Follow your heart when redecorating your house. If the new layout is not what you were looking for, you can start over again and rearrange the furniture as you like using these suggestions.


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