The Hidden Cost in Any Printer Purchase

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Do not be misled by the low cost of printers because what you are supposedly saving on buying the printer, you may spend it and more in buying the replacement of its ink cartridges or its ink toner cartridges.

The basis of deciding how the printer will cost you will be by determining how much it will cost you for each page you will print. This price will be determined by the cost of the ink cartridges and how many pages it prints.

For example, you may think that buying the HP black ink for only $ 30 is a good bargain instead of buying Brother Printer ink cartridge which is expensive. But you should keep in mind that the HP ink cartridges will print only 800 pages while the Brother Printer ink cartridge prints more than 2,500 pages. Therefore taking into account the price of printing each page, the Brother Ink cartridges is the best bargain. If you want to buy the printer, you have to choose one that will be using the Brother Ink cartridges than the one which use the HP ink cartridges for long term savings.

But if you have already bought the printer, it is not easy to take it back and to choose another one; the only way to save money is to buy the compatible ink cartridges or to buy the remanufactured ink cartridges.

Before taking into account the manufacturers warning about the use of the remanufactured or compatible ink cartridges, consider a few things. Think first how much money the brand ink cartridges are sold for than the refurbished cartridges, therefore you will come to know how much the company loses if you choose to buy compatible cartridges. This means that their warning that if you do not use their brand ink cartridges your printer will be damaged or you will not get the best quality is just an empty threat. That’s the only reason they sell their printer cheaply and expect to make a kill on the brand cartridges.

Before going out to buy the printer, remember that the cost of the printer does not lie with the printer itself but by the cost of the ink cartridge the printer uses. You can still save up to 76 percent by buying the compatible or remanufactured ink cartridges instead of buying the branded ink cartridges.


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