How to Add Your Personal Touch to Any Room Decor

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Are you ready to give one or more rooms in your home a new look? Before you run out and hire an expensive home decorator try adding your own personal fashion flare with these simple steps.

1. Display your favorite collectable. Collectables vary from sea shells to dolls. You can easily display your collection on shelving on a wall or in a curio cabinet. Don’t be afraid to mix collectables. Keep in mind for example that a stamp collection or coin collection may great conversational pieces.  

2. Display souvenirs from your travels. This can be eclectic or thematic. You might want to display artifacts from all of the places you have visited or you may want to display memorabilia you picked up from one particular favorite place. 

3. Display mementoes of family. Family mementoes may be family photographs or a pair of grandfather’s glasses. You could focus on your immediate family or tackle several generations. You may want to take current photos and have a professional give your photographs an antique look.

4. Display examples of your talent. This element is broader. It can consist of you athletic ability, vocal ability, artistic ability and much more. You might want to show off your singing skills with a display of sheet music or you may want to display flyers where you have held performances.

5. Display your fantasy. Create a dream theme. Has it been of yours to skydive or mountain climb? Take photos of the world’s highest mountain or paint your ceiling to appear like the open sky. Let your imagination roam and transform your room into a dream come true.

No matter what style you choose to use to decorate be sure you include your personal touch. You don’t have to be a professional interior decorator to make you home reflect who you are. Keep in mind that it also does not have to take a lot of money to decorate your home. The most important thing is that you follow your whims, imagination; and most of all make it fun.

Personal note – Some people love the idea of having a family member or friend help. Make it more than just a time to decorate your home; but, make it a special time to get closer to your family or friends. Use it as a time to make memories that will last for years.


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