How to Make Taper Candles

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Taper candles add elegance to your dinner table so they are one candle you will definitely want to learn how to make. They are perfect for romantic evenings at home which is very nice. You can make your own taper candles without much experience in candle making. The process of making taper candles involves and dipping rather than using molds or jars. Hand dipping takes some practice to get the hang of, but you will be a pro in no time once you learn how to make your own candles in this way. While you are practicing, you can melt that wax down again and again until you known the right way to form your taper candles. During practice, do not add any color either to keep the costs low, until you get the hang of it.

You will need to purchase a dipping can from a craft store or online to make taper candles correctly. A double boiler is too narrow to make these long candles. In addition, you will need some of the basic candle making supplies such as a thermometer, wax, wick, dye for color, and fragrances to add scent if you desire. It is important you buy wick specially designed for taper candles. If you use pillar wick, your taper candles will not burn properly so be sure to get the right kind of wick. To make the best quality taper candles you will want to use paraffin wax. Beeswax can bend easier, especially on warm days so that is not the best choice although it can be done.

To melt the wax properly, use a large pot with a few inches of water for the dipping can to sit in. Never place the dipping can directly on the stove top as this is a safety issue. You may also expose your home to toxic fumes. While your wax is melting, work on your wicks. It is important you buy wick specially designed for taper candles. If you use pillar wick, your taper candles won’t burn properly. Cut the wick at least four inches longer than you want your candles to be. If you are making sets of taper candles, make sure each wick is cut the same exact length. This is easy to do by cutting one, then folding other pieces over and making a few more cuts.

Once you wax has melted and at a temperature of between 150 and 165 degrees on your thermometer, you can start the dipping process. If you are going to add color or scent you will want to do it now. Move the dipping can to a flat, dry surface. If you are using a counter top, place a towel or cookie sheet under the dipping can so you have a nice workspace in case you spill. Take a wick and dip it into the hot wax. You will only be getting the wick covered the first few dips.

The process of dipping taper candles is easy, yet time consuming so leave enough time to get it all done. You will get the best looking candles if you don’t try to rush the process and instead have patiences as you create and how to make your own candles taper style. Each dip should be a quick in and out process. Don’t allow the candle to linger in the wax hoping it will absorb more because it won’t and will just ruin the look of the candle. Instead, it will cause your taper candles to have a chunky texture rather than a smooth finish which is what you want to achieve. As the wax starts to cool off take the time to stop dipping and heat it again. Some candle makers dip while they have another dipping can of wax melting on the stove. This way, once the wax they are working with cools they can switch. This keeps the process going if you are able to take advantage of it by multi-tasking in this way.

The number of times you will dip each candle depends on the width you want them so it really depends on your preference. If you are making pairs, keep track of how many times you dip each one so they will match up exactly. As the wax begins to cool after each dip, you can dip it again. As the candle gets wider you will need to allow it to cool longer after each dip so be sure to remember that. You can also try dipping two at the same time; allowing one to cool while you dip the other of the set. Once the candle is the desired size and cools completely, cut the wick to 1/4 inch off the top of the candle.

Making hand dipped taper candles is a great project to do as you learn how to make your own candles. The process is not difficult once you get the process of the dipping down after a few test tries. These candles are great center pieces and often used at weddings. You can make them any color you like for the occasion. There are many gorgeous taper candle holders on the market to add even more appeal to the lovely candles you will create with this easy tips for learning how to make your own candles.


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