Buying Candles or Making Your Own Candles?

I love creating my own candles, but sometimes you might be in a pinch and need to purchase a candle quickly instead of spending a bit of time creating one.

If you are looking to purchase beautiful looking homemade candles, but you don’t want to make them yourself, I would recommend General Wax and Candle Company. They offer a wide variety of quality candles that you will love. This company started in 119 after beginning to reprocess candles bought on the market. The candles were reprocessed because the scent had already disappeared. By melting the leftover wax, adding a fragrance, and pouring into a container, new candles were had that held their scent for a very long time. Pretty cool, huh?

From there, experimenting with various types of candle waxes and molds lead to the invention of the candles you see at General Wax today. The candles you purchase are the result of many labor intense hours and you can even see them being made right in the store if you are local to North Hollywood, CA. I enjoy going there to watch the candle making process, since it is right down the road from where I live. They also offer classes there occasionally if you do want to learn some new tips.

They have even designed their own candle making equipment and all their candles undergo very serious testing to be sure they are of the best quality. They both light and temperature test their wax candles to be sure they are a very high quality product that will last and look great.

Customers are very happy with the candles they purchase from General Wax and many are repeat customers. The great thing is you can buy in bulk if you need candles for activities like a wedding or other large party. They love that the process of candle making is still done by hand rather than mass produced in a factory.

There are a variety of types of candles that you could buy and that may be offered at General Wax and Candle Company. There is the vegetable candle blend and the soy wax. I like soy candles because they burn cleaner without producing much smoke. They also burn for a longer period of time than regular wax candles. Plus, the scent of a candle stays for an amazing length of time with soy candles which is exactly what most people want in a great candle. The vegetable candle blend is typically used when creating pillars and votives. It is American made of course and gives the candle a very lustrous color.

This company also offers container candles that come in an apothecary jar and many other types of containers for a variety of styles. You can also choose a classic mason jar container candle which is very popular. The mason jars typically come in either a pint or half pint. The lids for the mason jars are normally gold but you can cover them in fabric or other materials to make them look very special and unique.

Pillar candles are a very popular type. Of course General Wax offers a wide variety of colors and sizes and styles of pillar candles to choose from. Traditional pillar candles can be purchased in most any size. They are available in round and square shapes. Dome top pillar candles add a bit of design to this classic candle which is nice to see. The fluted spiral has ridges which is a really unique design you might like to check out too.

Round votives are available in many of the traditional sizes to fit in the candle holders you already have at home. Once you have decided which types of candles you want to purchase, select the color and fragrance you want. There are dozens of sizes and hundreds of wonderful scents to choose from. You will find a full list of colors and scents posted online and also you can check them out in the store so you can see all the options which is really great especially if you need to match to a specific color you already have in mind.

General Wax offers a wonder variety of homemade candles for you to choose from and the quality is guaranteed which I love. They certainly take pride in their candle making techniques. Each candle is made with care and customer service in mind which you can certainly see. If you are considering purchasing candles from General Wax as gifts, look at their online store in case you cannot get to North Hollywood to see their showroom.

This is a small business that still enjoys the candle making process as opposed to just manufacturing large quantities of shabby candles to make profits. The love they have for his candle making shows in the quality of their products and satisfaction guarantee.

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