Importance Of Mobile Phone

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If you take time to think how technology has changed our lives in communicational aspects, you will only thank God for mobile phones! Think how our ancestors had to use pigeons to send their messages. After that there came the post where the message had to take more days to reach the receiver, then the telephone which was fixed and available to a few people. Think about now with the mobile phone in your reach and the e-mail, how could you have survived in the past without all these!

Mobile phones are less bulky and they offer flexibility and portability. Its wireless use has given the user the capacity to use it wherever there is network. Less than 10 years ago, the mobile phone was viewed as a luxury for people who were able to afford the device and the service. Now the mobile phone is accessible to almost everybody since its price has come down considerably. The service providers also increased in numbers, forcing the service to be cheaper and easy accessible for everyone.

The mobile phone is now a necessity and is no longer a luxury. With the latest features in the mobile, the mobile is much more than just a device to communicate. Manufacturers compete against each other in producing mobile phones with different features like internet browsing, recording, music and taking photos. Most of these mobile phones come in the market at least every day, therefore making the mobile phones obsolete in lesser time. The service providers also come up with different services everyday like ring tones, hello tunes and different wallpapers for the user to choose from.

Ask any mobile phone user how he feels about his mobile phone, he will tell you that the mobile phone has become an important device in his life and he cannot leave his home without it.

Like in Japan the mobile phone is a life saver, the mobile service provider notifies users when there is an earthquake or other natural disasters. The signals of the mobile phones can be traced to save trapped people. The mobile phone has helped people in families and in business to stay in touch regardless of the distance.

But we cannot leave out the potential risk of mobile phones like talking while driving which causes accidents. And more concern is being raised about the health risks of extended mobile phone usage.


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