Ink Cartridges

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Since the invention of ink by the Chinese more than 5000 years ago, the use of ink to print on papers has been diversified to depict ideas, thoughts and to advance education. By now, ink is used regardless if you are a kindergarten student or if you are CEO for a big business. However the use of ink has been changed from the way it was used in the beginning to the way it is used now. Ink now is stored in a small cartridge inside a pen and it can be refilled as it gets finished. The printers copied this technology and they use ink cartridges to print impressions on paper.

Inks are found in two types, the dye based inks are available in a wide range of colors however they take a long time to dry. It is also easier for them to fade over time and they are not water resistant. Pigmented inks are more resistant to water and they fade and dry quickly.

Even if at first the cartridges were meant for use in pens, the name is now associated more with printer ink cartridges. Those in the pen are no longer recognized as cartridges. Now you can get cartridges in the dot matrix form, in the inkjet form and others which can be used in laser cartridges.

The ink cartridges can be classified into 3 categories.

The ones that are made by the same manufacturers as the printer they have been designed for work well with the printer therefore they are more reliable and print high quality copies even as they are expensive.

Others are the compatible ink cartridges which are made by other manufacturers different from those who made the printer. They are cheaper although they do not have a brand name. Most of them pass the basic requirements for the ink cartridges.

The last option is the remanufactured or refurbished ink cartridges. They are the ink cartridges which have been refilled. They are cheap, but the disadvantage is that they may leak after some time.

The ink cartridges vary according to the brand and the model of the printer. Therefore you should be more careful in picking up the cartridges because the wrong cartridges damage the printers. Remember also that the quality of copies you print depends on the ink you choose. So all in all, ink is very important and should be chosen carefully.


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