Tips To Prevent Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death

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Microsoft Xbox 360 well known as high performance gaming console which lead ahead of time when it first released in 2005. Like other console, nothing seem to be prefect even the finest high end console. Xbox 360 can be very temperamental beast, which cause among its problem is the red ring of death error. If you need to extend your console’s lifespan, you may want to learn few maintenance tips. Check below for four useful tips to avoid your Xbox 360 console to get rib of red ring error away.

Top 4 Tips To Avoid Red Ring Of Death

1.) Air flow Sufficient Environment

The Xbox 360 console generated out high amount of heat. It good that place your console in a cool environment. This will reduce the risk of your console to impacted with Red Ring of Death errors. Try to avoid not use or play your console in rooms that are warm, next to radiator or exposed to external sunlight.

2.) Avoid enclosed or stuffy environment.

Same fact as above that need extra air flow and cool environment as Xbox need lots of air to keep itself cool. Try to install extra fans in your console which able to provide in cool air and in the same time expel hot air out. Don’t place your console enclosed in a cabinet or kept in a cluttered corner of the room. With this, the console not able to get enough cool air to balance up the heat the generated inside and cause overheating happen.

3.) Frequent Cleaning On Your Console

Dirt and dust is one of the reason that block air flow from entering the console. Don’t store your console in dusty areas, this will get your console get sucked into the machine through the vents. Console with stick with dirt and dust lack of circuitry from cooling and in additionally it will also clog the vents, which interferes with the cooling process. You can refer tips on How to Clean Up Xbox 360 Disc Drive Yourself

4.) Have a Break!

Every time you playing with your Xbox 360 it will generated heat especially those high definition 3D games which exposed higher volume of heat compare with live arcade games. Do practice to take some time off and give your Xbox a break. Even human need a rest after a long run same applies to operation of your Xbox.

Top Recommended Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Fix Guide

3RedLightsFix is the best Xbox 360 repair guide so far, it cover everything that you need to know on how to fix Xbox 360 problems. Each for different errors, including the Xbox 360 light blinking error. You’ll get a PDF filed guide that goes into full detail about the Xbox 360 light flashing errors & how you actually get rid of them. 


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