The Truth About Computer Printers And Ink Cartridges

Today’s printers have developed in terms of their capacity to print clear copies, more features to design the copies and advanced speed to print more copies in less time. There are different printers and your job is to choose one which will suit your work best.

The following are some of the available printers with their features in the market.

Color inkjet Printer: this printer is cheaper and slower than the laser jet. It can be used to produce good colored documents, photographs and white and black printouts.

Color LaserJet Printers: even if it is expensive, it is the most flexible than other available printers. It has different type of trays which makes it easier to print different size of copies.

The latest type of printer in the market is the multifunctional printer, with this printer you can scan copies, you can use it as photocopier and you can fax the copies to another fax machine. Its kind of all in one, it saves the owner the money to buy all the different equipment, it saves time too because it can be used for different jobs at the same time. It also saves the space at office because it saves the space which should have been used by all the different equipment in the office.

Photo printers are used to print directly from the computer, from the mobile phone or from the digital camera with the help of the special peripheral which comes with the printer.

Black and White Laser Printers: They are used when there is no need to print colored copies. They offer high speed with higher resolution printouts. They are cheap and they can use different paper trays.

Mobile Printers: mobile printers are used by people who like to move around, they can print from different devices and they can use a wireless connection to connect to those devices.

Don’t be surprised if you find a cheap printer, ask first how much the ink cartridges it uses will cost. The printers do not normally cost much when buying them but by buying the ink cartridges that they use. Therefore do not go for the cheapest printer, go for the printer which will use the cheapest ink cartridges. You should also think about the options of using the refurbished or compatible ink cartridges. Even if most of the printer manufacturers will scare you away from using them, they are still the best alternative for the expensive original ink cartridges.

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