In Flag Printing, Is White A Color?

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People choose the color white to be printed in their custom flags. Most of the custom flag manufacturers also quote the color white as a color and they charge for it. However, the truth is that white is not a color and you should not be charged for it.

How many times have you been charged for the white color for your logo or for your custom flag? If you are a regular customer, you may have spend much on white color which is never printed. This information is meant for you so that you will never be charged again for this so called white color.

White is not a color, do you know why? There is no color white used in printing of the logo, the part which is supposed to be white is left alone without anything printed. Therefore if you asked your logo to be printed with 5 colors with the color white among those five colors, be sure that only 4 colors will be printed. If you are charged for all colors including the white one, you are being overcharged for nothing.

The next time you need a custom flag with the color white, refuse to be charged for the color white if the logo will be printed on a white material. However, if the custom flag will be printed on any other material which is not white, you will have to pay for the color white.

Most manufacturers always use white printing materials therefore there will be no need to print the white color but where there should be a white color the printing material will be left alone. Many customers have been conned by printers who charge for all the colors which are found in the flag without taking into account that they used nothing in place of the color white.

Look for a manufacturer who does not charge for the white color. You will save more money if your need for a logo or printing custom flag is on regular basis and there is the color white in the logo or in the custom flag. If the local custom flag manufacturers still insist on you paying for the white color, look up online manufacturers. You will end up with a good bargain and insist that you are not charged on the white color unless the printing material will not be white.


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