Tutoring is Now Within Everyone’s Reach

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In Australia tuition has long been part of the lives of students from primary school through to university. Through the years after school tutoring has helped countless students achieve their dream job, a scholarship to the school of their choice or entrance to their preferred university or TAFE course.

As the number of students accessing after school tuition in Australia has increased so has the price that tutors charge the students. The average price for an hour of tutoring in Australia is now $70-$80 an hour with prices ranging from $45 to $150.

Unfortunately this expense has become prohibitive for many families in Australia, especially since the global financial crisis. Many students who would usually receive one-on-one tuition were forced to join a tutoring centre where tuition is delivered to several students at once, thus reducing the total cost of attendance.

However, in the past few years a new and exciting method of one-on-one tuition has emerged around the world. In Australia it has only flourished in the past 18 to 24 months: online tutoring. Online tuition in Australia now enables students to get the help they need at a fraction of the cost of face-face tutoring.

For example, let’s look at iExel. iExel.com.au is one of the online tutoring companies in Australia that offer a very affordable and comprehensive service to students. Its online tutoring platform allows students and teachers to talk to, and see each other through live video/audio streaming. Features such as the virtual white board, graphic capabilities and live presentations, positively enhance this interactive learning environment. More exciting features include the ability to share files with the tutors and to record tutoring sessions, enabling re-examination of problems/solutions at a convenient time.

It’s like having face-to-face tutoring but at a fraction of the cost. Their tutoring packages start from as low as $29.95 per hour. Students can opt to receive unlimited tuition as they needed for a monthly fee of $99.

There are a few online tutoring companies in Australia. Their services and prices vary considerably. It’s a good idea to ask about the capabilities of the software they use and their hourly price. Always ask for a free one hour tutoring trial to ascertain whether the online tutoring platform used is user friendly and if the teachers are knowledgeable and willing to help.

Recent studies have shown that online learning is a better tool for long term information retention than classroom learning.

The number of students receiving online tuition in Australia is rapidly increasing. Apart from being a fraction of the cost of conventional tutoring, it is often more convenient as students can access the services from their own home until late evening. There are several online tutoring agencies in Australia, some offering much better facilities and value than others: make sure you do your homework before you buy.


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