Oriental Rugs: Finding The Best Persian Rug

If your office or home lacks a dynamic and classy visual on the living space, you need an Oriental rug to add life and color and make it more attractive.  The intricate designs, pleasant colors and gentle texture of Oriental rugs will add visual appeal to a room and help coordinate the floor, the wall and the room in general with its belongings.  There are so many designs of Oriental rugs to choose from, you are sure to find the color, design, size and quality that suits you and the room to be placed on.  Some of the factors you will need to consider when choosing an Oriental include the quality, price, country of origin, flooring of the room, furniture, desired theme, available space and décor among others.  Since this is a very important decision, it has to be made with care and with informed choices.

The best type of floor for a Persian rug is hardwood.  With a Persian rug for contrast, it adds beauty, color and attractive appearance.  This should not mean that you cannot use an Oriental rug on any other floor type, all floor types will suit the rugs well.  The most important thing will be the floor coloring and the area to cover.  Color matching is imperative when considering any form of floor covering.

This plays a very important role when purchasing an Oriental rug.  Upholstery and curtain colors are crucial in choosing the right Persian rug because you will need to create a theme where there is the desired contrast without clashing of colors.  It is good to go for a dominant color rug based on the colors of the curtains, painted furniture, the walls, uncovered floor section and upholstery although this does not mean you should compromise on the tone of the flooring.

I am sure you already have a mental picture of the kind of room you wish to have.  Maintain this image and come up with a good design even before you start shopping for a rug.  Look for an Oriental rug that suits the room and conforms to your design, it pays to get rugs from an Oriental rugs dealer rather than just purchasing from a local store.  This way you can get the design you want and when you cannot find, there will be close alternatives, sometimes even better, to choose from.

The price, size, quality and country of origin are very important too when choosing an Oriental rug.  Original Persian rugs are not always cheap but this is because their quality is high, they are durable and classy.  There are many machine made imitations sold cheaply today but I am sure you will do your research well and buy a quality Persian rug from a trusted source.

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