Telephone Number Fraud

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The number 900 is used to seek feedback from viewers by a television station or to offer the viewers the services on their request. But remember that this number is charging you per minute and there is no need to use it if you are not getting any benefit.

The 900 number is used by people who want to con the public by promising different products and services; however they never deliver what they promise. You may call hoping to get the credit card they have promised but you may end up getting only the list of the banks where to get them. Others are being deceived to call since they are winners but after paying the exorbitant charges, you will get nothing in return.

Swindlers have been using the toll-free 800 number to promote their scams, however, now they are using the 900 numbers. The most known promised prizes on the 900 number are the free vacations or credit card promotions. The normal way to begin with this is to send you an email telling you that you have won yourself something and that you should contact them.

If you are bold enough to want to claim your prize, it will be a long way and a waste of your money because in the end you will not be paid anything. When you call, you will be forced to listen to a sales pitch instead of talking to a person, you may also be told to call another number for more information. Remember that the longer you stay on the phone while calling 900, the higher you are charged. If you are redirected to another number, you will be charged an additional bill.

Therefore what do you do to avoid being the victim?

Think again if you receive a notification asking you to call 900, this call is always charged for. Make sure that you know how much the 900 number charges before you call it. Be suspicious when you are redirected to a second number after calling the 900 number.

If the name of the company is included in the notification, check if that name is in the directories or the website. You can also contact the Better Business Bureau or the Consumer Protection agency to be on the safer side. Think again about the offer, if the promise is too good it may not be real. If you have been a victim and US mail was used in one way or the other, report this to your nearest Postmaster or to a Postal Inspector and avoid dialing 900 until further notice.


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