How to Make Gel Candles

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The beach is always a hit with so many people because who doesn’t love the beach? It is a certainly picture of peace and serenity. Using the beach as a theme is common for parties, fashion, videos and now candles! Yes, it is possible and very fun to create candles with a beach theme. The candle industry is experimenting with many different designs and you can too with this basic candle making guide. With candles usefulness, it could also be made in such a way that it could fit into the modern way of living- that is trendy and comfortable especially for a beach house or bathroom with an ocean theme.

Trendy- bracing some dashes of style, candles could be very good accessories for the home in almost any room. In order for you to bring that fun atmosphere of the beach, why not bring that sand and sea mood at home?

These helpful tips as a candle making guide should give you some ideas:

1. Find a container that would best hold into form the candle you have in mind. Make sure that you will be using non-flammable containers only. Use glass if available, so you can see the gel, choose something with a touch of aqua blue.

2. Plan to have the wick like about 1.5 inches from the sides and place a small amount of hot glue on the bottom of the container you are using for this candle.

3. Then stick the wink on the hot glue spot and let it cool down for a few minutes until it is secure in place. Don’t use cotton as core wick, instead zinc is the best choice.

4. For the gel, cut the gel wax into small parts or cubes and place it into a container and heat it up. Make sure that the heat is not too hot or too cold. 200 Fahrenheit could make it melt well.

5. Maintain the advised temperature until such time that the wax would melt and turn into a smooth and a bit thick liquid. For more some really cool looking effects, you could use coloring materials as an additive that would create a better effect to the product.

6. Do not use coloring materials that would make the gel lose its transparency, which is very important. Ignore the use of water-based and paste dyes as a combination. They do not complement each others components.

7. Pour an ounce or less of essential oil or gel scent for more effects that would make the candle smell great. When pouring such, add more wax cubes if there is a cloudy effect happening on the liquid.

8. Scents you use must be alcohol-free. For the aquatic theme, choose a cool scent that smells like something which reminds you of the beach or even the scent of sunscreen and the ocean.

9. When you are about to pour the candle liquid on a container, set a level mark and make sure that the liquid will not spill out over it. Put some seashell beads, aquarium gravel, sand, aqua blue glitter, pebbles, and others. Do it by layer so they are all on different levels of your candle as you create it.

10. Make it a point to preheat the container (150 degrees). This would minimize the presence of bubbles that may ruin the form of the finished product, unless you want to see bubbles in your gel candle.

11. Then pull up the wick and be sure that it goes up in the center of the candle. Let your candle cool down for around 3-4 hours. Then you can trim the wick at about 1/2 inch which should be long enough to use when you burn it.

12. You could vary the designs of your aquatic candles by mixing and matching colors and objects like starfish and clouds, sand and stars, boat prints and pebbles are just a few of the numerous possibilities. Have fun and make a beautiful and unique creation with any designs you would like to include for your beach theme.

The sea, sand, bikinis, waves, hats, flip flops the beautiful sights one summer afternoon could be used in your homemade gel candles. Gel candles are easy to make with a simple candle making guide and are affordable, convenient, and are very attractive ways to decorate around your house.


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