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Much has been written about this subject by financial journalists, dealers and collectors, with claims that stamps are a safer investment than gold, shares, property, wine, art etc, backed up by graphs showing the annual growth in value of certain key stamps based almost exclusively on the price printed in the catalogues of the very dealers actively promoting this type of investment.

We do not believe in, nor trust, this type of analysis. Rare Stamps, like all collectibles, are primarily a collector-driven market, and when such markets are inflated with items being offered to investors at prices that bear no relation to actual market prices, there is a danger that those investors will find it difficult to recoup their original investment. We have been in the stamp business for nearly forty years and have seen many collections formed and then sold, and 90% of the collections known to us have been sold at a good profit.

Why is this? Collectors who build up a collection or portfolio of a particular country or area, buying from dealers who sell at a correct market price based on the rarity and quality of the item, will almost certainly return a healthy profit when they come to sell their holding. All the items illustrated on this website are priced for the collector market, with no supplement for the investor. Our prices are the same for the collector and the investor – we only offer top quality material that we would be happy to buy ourselves.

What stamps should be purchased for investment? This is a very difficult question to answer – the obvious response is stamps from countries that show strong economic growth and from countries that have a long history as stamp issuing countries such as China, Great Britain, U.S.A., Malaysia, Brazil, Australia and Russia, but we have found that there are strong markets for the stamps of some of the smallest countries, so the main criterium should be the selection of stamps of quality and rarity from any country. It just takes a few keen collectors of one area to result in a strong market movement – once we spot such movement, we always advise clients who hold material of this area that there is a potential profit should they wish to sell.

The first issues of Great Britain have always been held in high esteem by collectors, as these were the very first stamps issued anywhere in the world. They appeal to collectors from every geographical area, and gold medal collections of early Great Britain have been, and are being, formed by collectors living in countries as diverse as U.S.A, Thailand, Japan, Chile, Australia, Norway and Russia – a very broad market base which makes these stamps a “must” in any investment holding. To summarise Rare stamps are a good investment, as long as they are of the right rarity and quality and have been acquired at the right price.

We treat our investors and collectors in the same way, and we only offer the very best stamps, covers and advice based on our 37 years of experience at the very top of the market. All matters are dealt with in the strictest of confidence.



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