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Shipping Philadelphia

Does your business sell product locally, nationally or even internationally? Do you find your business shipping and packaging to your customers on a regular basis?

With Internet sales powered by e-commerce websites and auction sites like eBay, it’s becoming increasing more prevalent to ship orders without ever having to meet your customer.

While its great to have regular sales, having to deal with an in-house shipping department can be a labor-intensive process. Even if you haven’t grow to quite that level yet, there are still a numbers of reasons why it might be best to use a full serve shipping and packaging store to handle that aspect of your business for you.

Save Time – If you find yourself handling all the shipping and packaging personally, then you know this takes a considerable amount of time away from other more important tasks you could be doing to grow your business.

Save Money – If you have to assign an employee to do this either full or part time, then you’ll be paying them to do it for you. You’ll also need someone to order, keep track and stock of all the shipping and packing supplies as well.

Save Space – Stocking product can take up a lot of space. Now add boxes, peanuts, bubble-wrap, tape, labels and all the other goodies you’ll need to keep in house. If you’re using a full serve shipping and packaging store, you’ll eliminate this problem all together.

Less Paperwork – This includes labels, packing lists and slips, customs paperwork and tracking info. Filling out and keeping track of all this paperwork can be a big job in and of itself. Sourcing out the work and once again freeing up yourself or your employees to handle more productive tasks can eliminate all of this.

Convenience – A quality shipping and packaging store can pickup, pack, ship, track and handle every facet of the process of getting an order to your customer for you. It’s like having your very own shipping dept. for a fraction of the headache and the cost.

This literally gets rid of this one facet of your business entirely. This is a way to streamline your efficiency by “cutting out the fat” so to speak with tasks that bog you down and cost you valuable time and money.

Freeing up time, energy and money in order to increase productivity is critical for a business to not just survive but thrive, especially in a bad economy.

Consider outsourcing all your Philadelphia shipping and packaging needs to a local professional and get back to doing what you do best and that’s running your business!


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